Eliza White Buffalo has developed two healing modalities with instruction and guidance from THE TWO ROADS SPIRIT TEAM. Both modalities are not only beautiful but are very powerful for transformation.  Click on the modality below to read the details about how to receive and also training.

Photon Light Therapy: making changes in the nervous system.

Receive Photon Light Therapy

Train in Photon Light Therapy

Photon Light Therapy for Babies, Children, and Teenagers:

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Photon Light Therapy for Energy Sensitive Adults:

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Healing the Family Soul:  Ancestral Healing that dissolves all energetic blocks

Participate in Healing the Family Soul 

Train in Healing the Family Soul 

Eliza has also downloaded many healing and activating frequencies from spirit, including her spirit team, soul family, and the spiritual masters. See here for all healing and activation tools.

Other healing modalities, counselling etc are available through The Two Roads Light Foundation   see here