We have to surrender to achieve. Mastery is the most natural, harmonic way of being when we come into the crystalline vibes from our higher heart/threefold flame. Surrender is key, is crucial to this perspective in which we observe all potential story lines of our ego selves. Then it is a matter of choosing what feels easy. There is no going wrong, choosing wrong, because in the silence is only love, and when we project into the world again, any change of vibe is felt powerfully.

I have been doing a series of soul retrievals for empowered lifetimes – wow, it has been amazing and enlightening. I find myself having to go through the crystalline silence of any experience of the soul, and out the other side to find empowered experience, enlightenment, where the soul is being the master of the universe around it. I love it, I could do this every day 🙂 and I am gaining such equilibrium with it too.

Actually, since I activated my individual crystalline dna, opening the threefold flame of my higher heart, and vibing my rose light, my vibes have been peaceful, and incredibly awakening. In fact, and not a lot of you know this about me, but I had severe ptsd for most of my life – a huge amount of experience had been locked into my cells, with little hope of ever returning to consciousness. Most of my early life was a blank. I opened a lot of it up with great pain, and resigned myself to the possibility of having blanks for the rest of my life. But no! after the crystalline dna activation I find myself remembering, coming into the blanks with powerful vibes of rose light, and vibing those experience into full exposure…. I never thought it possible, but it is happening, and without the slightest pain because the rose vibration is all LOVE.

PTSD is HORRENDOUS – I know, and much love to you if you have it. All of us do to a certain degree, some of course have it to a large degree like I did. But NO MORE, it’s GONE!

it meant me coming fully into my heart – it meant me surrendering to the silence that lies between lifetimes, between life and death, between light and dark, between potential story lines of my ego self. It meant me observing all parts of myself, even those I could not accept before, those I had no concept of or thought I had no concept of, and loving every little piece of me to death. I mean that – I had to love myself to death. And in that death I found a new clean slate, Love – and from there I welcomed myself home, and I chose love to light my world. I feel quiet now…. silence observes all that goes on around me. The universe is fundamentally silent, with a quiet OM sounding powerfully, a rose light. I am wearing permanent rose tinted glasses ha ha ha – but believe me – I see it all – nothing is hidden, nothing is judged, and everything is temporary.

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