3 Photon Light Therapy for Energy-Sensitive Adults



This particular therapy is a blend of Photon Light Therapy and PLT, the development programme, which was designed for babies, children and teenagers. PLT for energy-sensitive adults is designed to help those who find it difficult to live in this world without huge negative effects on their energy field. Often, this is because of a simple dys-regulation of the nervous system, and alignment of the bodily glands with the soul makes a huge difference.
This blend of the the two therapies gives all the benefits of PLT as below, but also has the added benefit of working with the cranial sensory nerves in a way that increases inner harmony with the outer world, thereby increasing general well being for longer periods of time, especially in crowds, heavy energy situations, and general groundedness benefits, such as the ability to retain information, concentration, and centredness. It is not suggested for everyone – If you are wondering if this is for you ask yourself these questions – if you answer yes to most of these then yes this is for you –
do you often get ‘spaced out’ and then frustrated or/and exhausted when you are in a group or crowd setting?
did you have problems learning at school? did you use your imagination to picture the words you were reading?
do you often picture scenarios and conversations in your head?
did you learn to listen to what is being said to you whilst being ‘off’ in your imagination at the same time?
This is a 10 day programme that consists of 5 main stages. The stages are initiated from 1 – 5 and information is emailed to you once the stage has been inititated, along with what instructions there are for you to carry out at home. The work itself consists of the opening of your subconscious to an extent that is safe for you, the balancing of your nervous system with high frequency sensory input, in order to break down the trauma patterns held in your nervous system, and the natural production of anti-depressants and life promotion.
COMBINED WITH THE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME – this is a unique blend designed to not only help you recover from trauma, but also to give you the blessing of a mature nervous system, without any dys-regulation.  You can read all about classic Photon Light Therapy here