Initiating God Self – activation of the throat



This is the third gland activation I have been shown to provide via transmission and sound recording. This transmission is of the frequency of a new self actualized throat – actualized to higher self that is – thereby building the etheric throat necessary for mastery living – overcoming the pattern of emotional reaction, and control of the lower chakras.

This transmission is received by you in your own home, following a guided meditation I will provide for you via youtube. There is a beautiful guided journey for this transmission. You will be releasing your 3 years old self, 6 years old self, 9 years old self, 27 years old self, and even a future 81 years old self, from your throat chakra, and what comes back to you is god self energy, shifting the etheric thyroid and throat chakra into self -actualization


FULL RESET PROGRAMME  – this re-calibration is one of 5 glandular re-calibrations that are available in the full reset programme. The programme contains all 5 plus MORE – much better affordability too.   See here