Carmel Moore, Psychotherapy and Shamanic Services

I am Carmel, I offer holistic healing services of shamanic ceremonies and integrative psychotherapy. Both of these have helped me in healing many traumas, anxiety, depression, self abuse. I started on a road of awareness when I was 22 years and I continue on this road today.

My intention was never to be a psychotherapist or shamanic practitioner, but to heal my pain. After many years and training, I was encouraged to work with people, bringing the tools that helped me heal to people looking for help in their lives.

I work a lot with abuse, trauma and inner child healing. It is amazing to see people grow, strengthen and heal from dark times and experiences and reclaim their power, love and innocence.

I am trained in Andean, mountain medicine. I work with a mestana (medicine pouch). In my work, I am guided by an Andean and Gaelic lineage. There is so much help and support from Mother Earth and the Cosmos, once we connect in harmonious relationship(Ayni).

My psychotherapy work is person centered, using tools of different modalities such as Gestalt and Transactional Analysis. Both psychotherapy and shamanic work includes releasing and clearing, self/soul retrieval and integrating split parts lost in shadow.

If I may be of assistance to you, please contact me. I offer affordable therapies.

In humility & Gratitude