The following information is encoded channelled messages from the spiritual masters. I will update them according to guidance.

Mary Magdalene

In the foresight of the universal eye, this is a time when two become one. This merging of two fundamental light forces, sourced from the one source, and burst forth like stardust to become many, will create an implosion in the dna of life. All forms of life will change, not only those that awaken to the light of this truth, but also all those who are focused on shadow. Shadow is the other side of truth, the other side of light, when it is separated into positive and negative. In the centre, the soul must be transparent, in order to merge into the original light that is one. Like glass, this is extremely fragile, and must be set at certain conditions, finely balanced, before it solidifies life into balanced form. The glass acts like a portal then, allowing a new age to manifest in life, a fifth age of transparency. As life itself, you will unfold without effort, according to the design of the great divine architect. Mastery will be taught on Earth again. My twin flame and I brought many codes to life, to prepare for this time, however, the codes brought to you now, through the art of transparency, have greatly awakened the consciousness of the world. This cannot be done without the twin flames of light and matter having merged. To experience the transparency, to live de-coded and alive for the first time since the falling of the last age, a soul must unite with spirit within, and awaken through the awareness of these codes, through the sensory gateways to the universal eye, being the 9th dimension. Immortal life awaits the soul who embraces the light of the universal eye. The number 9 is a code of completion…. 10 is a beginning. Between the frequencies of 9 and 10 the glass becomes transparent; the soul awakens to the eternal life of its origins. You are dust and onto dust you will return. The glass, being the fifth age, being the fifth chakra of your soul, shall become transparent. The universe shall see you, and you the universe, nothing will be hidden from you, but all shall be made known to you. Come now, into the sacred heart, from the universal eye, through the transparency of the fifth age. Immortality awaits.

MM (through Eliza White Buffalo)