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Compassionate Release fills my heart with peace and joy of knowing, of placement so ME I feel I will ride this wave for eternity. My heart sings, my soul is resonant with the harmonics of truth, peace and joy.

It is a way of healing that is as old as time itself. Everything I do comes from the ancient ones who mastered these skills before us. Compassion is a healer, plain and simple. Where sympathy says “hey look at you, poor thing, how terrible!” compassion says ” hey, this is not who you are, let’s get you up on your feet”

Compassionate Release comes directly from The Almighty One Beloved Source of the Universe, lifts the soul up on its feet, and marvels in the beauty of Light that is revealed from the release of drama of lifetimes of separation. it leaves the soul ‘clean’ and ‘ in a state of Grace’. Compassionate Release is the Revolution of the soul and Revelation of the Divine. 

The spirit of Padre Pio which I have had the honour to work with has shown and taught to me this incredible healing modality, over years, helping me to understand and fine tune my harmony with it, and now we share what I have been shown and taught with others.  


This is June 2023 and I have just been in Italy on a pilgrimage to Padre Pio’s birthplace and San Giovanni where he lived most of his life in service to the Christ Energy.  I reckon most of you will know about Padre Pio and his miracles, but if you do not click here to read some info 

I have worked with Padre Pio’s spirit since 2014 when he took me on a 3 year healing commitment.  He used to come right into my etheric field and transmit healing through there to anyone who came to sit in front of us.  For me personally it was a great time which prepared me for these times, increasing my humility of body and my awareness of the Christ Energy within me.  But it came to an end – one day he told me that was enough for now – and that was it.  He remained close to me, saying he was close to me since I was 3 years old in 1968 which is the year he transitioned into the spirit world.  He saved me once in a car accident, picking me up in his arms and placing me in a safe area in the back of the car whilst the front of the car was flattened. 

Last week I was in Italy as I said, and Padre Pio’s spirit spoke to me loudly again, this time promising to bring healing through me again, and again with the balancing natural body and twin flame of Nicholas Black Elk. 

I had been suffering from a heart condition ever since contracting Corona Virus Covid 19 in December 2019.  The condition got so bad that I needed medication.  I tried all sorts of ways to heal the condition but to no avail. Padre Pio promised me he would heal it though, and before I embarked on the pilgrimage last week he told me the time had come.  

The above image is of Padre Pio’s body, still intact since his death in 1968. ​It is encased in a glass tomb on display for people to see. You can just see my the reflection of my hand, there below his temple. Whilst I no longer consider myself a Catholic, I do believe that energy remains with a body after the spirit has departed.  In shamanism terms we call this an ongon which is a physical body or object imbued with the essence of a spirit either animal or human. When Padre Pio was alive he was filled with The Great and Holy Spirit, from his perspective it was Jesus, and so he manifested the wounds of Jesus in his own body.  I stood before this ongon many times during my stay in San Giovanni. Each time I felt the essence of the ongon (or relic) filling my body.  My heart would burn with an unseen heat, and my hands filled with heat too. The heat remained for most of my trip and now, at home, it returns from time to time. I can tell you that from the moment I first stood before the ongon the awful heart spasms I was having went away and have not returned. Occasionally I feel a little flutter and then heat.  I am getting better daily, and my message is to keep my faith in this healing strong, no doubts.  

Every morning I work with the spirit of Padre Pio who brought through many miracles in his time on Earth, and also the spirit of Our Beloved Mother Mary, the Divine Feminine Grace. I begin with prayer, and I have a prayer list ongoing. After the prayer I practice Divine Union with Padre and Mother Mary, and it is through their occupation of my etheric energy body, just as I did for 3 years before, that they help you now. You can add yourself and your petition to this list by contacting me. Tell me your name and your petition. Every day you will receive a transmission from the energies of Mother Mary and Padre Pio. You might feel yourself receiving the transmission – some people feel heat in their body especially in areas that are in need of healing. Some people feel what I describe as a ‘love wash’, a delicious tingling of love that seems to go right through you. Many people in the past have reported hearing a bell ringing which is something Padre Pio told me about years ago – he likes to ring a bell in the third eye. But even if you don’t hear or feel anything, you are still receiving as long as your heart and mind are open to it.

In 2014 I asked Black Elk about the bell ringing thing. Black Elk is my main spirit guide, my twin soul spirit within. He said then hearing bells is divinely orchestrated but is humanly natural all the same. Asking him again now he tells me when the third eye is activated, being the inner source of healing, frequencies shifting can sound like bells ringing.

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When you are receiving these daily transmissions you may wish to receive intuitive guidance also. It can be said that all divine energy is truly one form which is your higher intuition. Black Elk and I, our spirit serves as a guiding spirit, hence the work we do here on Earth through me, but also through him in the spiritual realms and through intuition. You don’t have to be clairvoyant or clairaudient to receive this guidance, only tuned in to your intuition, and most people are without even being able to say they are. Go to this webpage now to learn how to begin working with the nightly guidance that is happening as I sleep. Click here