Goldy Coia

Hello, my name is Mr Goldy Coia.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to call me Mr, but apparently my name can confuse some people so let’s start in a clear manner.

Goldy Coia, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer

I am a well experienced counsellor, hypnotherapist, educator, energy healer, Reiki and Schema master teacher, I have worked with some of the most vulnerable sections of society. I took academic qualification in education, a degree in psychology, and masters in counselling and clinical hypnotherapy. I dearly love those subjects and I am respectful of the practitioners that find fulfilment using them.  However, although I found them effective for myself, I felt an inner nagging that there was something more that was needed in terms of my own journey and in what I wanted to offer to others for their journey.

While taking these qualifications I was also informally, then formally studying spirituality, and developing my own healing and intuitive spirit gifts. It is only when I’m free to combine emotional psychological and spiritual gifts, and methods of living and working with all these areas, do I feel I can work at my most effective on behalf of the person before me.

I have lived a good productive life. When I say good I mean good at being productive; and what I have been most productive at is breaking myself open to all the wonderful and not so wonderful stuff within me that stood between me and the understanding of my universal spirit so as to rise again in love.

So how will I work with you? I will bring everything I have and understand to the table to discover what fits with you best, to achieve the next step for you whatever it may look like.

One of my most favourite sayings is: love all others, love yourself completely, and accept no abuse from anyone ever. I’ll try holding you to that if you will let me.

Look forward to meeting with you.

Lucio Goldy Coia