Healing the Family Soul Training

Dear Light-worker,

Healing the Family Soul ( click here for info ) is a highly effective service that flows with faith and energy work. It brings healing to the souls and families of many at one time. Healing the Family Soul is an ancestral healing of both biological and soul lineage of the client’s entire family.

If you have had at least 3 years of light work experience,  please do consider this beautiful service to offer to your clients. This dispensation was brought to me over 16 years of communication with The Two Roads Spirit Team who taught me energy work and lifted my soul. All gratitude and glory to the One.

In this course you will be attuned to the frequency of The Two Roads Spirit Team, so that you can co-operate with them by opening your soul as a vessel for their dispensation. Eliza will go through the process with you, to help you to understand it and use it to serve your clients. You will also receive a manual to help you, plus a pdf of a supporting booklet – How Can I Be Happy? for your clients, and the program for your clients too.


Healing the Family Soul is a unique, faith based healing service, working over 9 days distantly.

Healing the Family Soul works to release the following karmic vibrations from the soul and the soul of the family, ancestors, and soul ancestors too: Violence, sexual abuse, poverty, abandonment, betrayal, addictions, and serious illness, plus collective patterns such as the belief in suffering and patriarchy.

There are three levels of this work:

Higher Level – As the client works at home the team of celestial spirits seen in the image below will be attuning them with the various healing rays necessary, and working in co-operation with their dis-carnate ancestors.

Middle Level – You, the healing channel, will be holding sacred space, bringing the team’s energy down and through your energy field in order to make it real on Earth.

Ground Level – The client will be doing the 5 minute candlelit ritual at their home for the 9 days of the work.

Please read about Healing the Family Soul here: – :

The one day course comes with accreditation and a manual to help you in your service to your clients.

The energy exchange for the course is £235 payable here

With reasonable effort, you can expect to gain 10 clients + in each round your facilitate.

Contact me today to arrange a date and time.