Initiation into The Great White Brother/Sisterhood


This work with Saffron Hughes and Eliza White Buffalo is a service designed by the Masters to prepare you for the next great adventure of your spiritual path.  

If you are reading this, you are most likely ready to embark on this adventure.  However, if you feel you have healing to do first, then consider PHOTON LIGHT THERAPY which is designed to prepare your nervous system for this next stage of your journey home.

When I say your journey home, I am referring to The Great White Ones of your Monad.  They are the master souls, aspects of your consciousness that have ascended and now reside immortal in the celestial realms.  They have etheric temples in the ethers of the earth, from where they contact you via your inner threefold flame, sending help and counsel to you when needed. 

Eliza and Saffron have been guided by the monad, to assist you with this work, as you too make your way now to your ultimate ascension into light, thereby bringing heaven to earth for our new paradigm of a golden age of humanity. 

Also, in preparation, the masters have dispensed certain codes, activating your divine dna blueprint, with certain traits necessary for mastery.  You will see a list of them below.  You do not have to do them in order, nor do you have to do them at all, as long as you have done the work itself. 

WORLD CLEAN UP – clearing your global waters

TRANSFORMING YOUR SEXUAL ENERGETIC FIELD – clearing your field from past partners’ dna

UNBLOCKING THE FLOW OF ABUNDANCE – activating your abundant flow of lifeforce.

WHAT IS YOUR SOUL NAME? – awareness of your unique soul song.

ACTIVATE YOUR TWIN FLAME – balance the two streams of source within your heart, and bring your twin flame energy into view.

It is also suggested that you come fully into centre with your family soul/group gathered around in full awareness of its light.  Therefore, ancestral healing is highly advisable:

HEALING THE FAMILY SOUL – clearing all ancestral dna, and gathering as one.

Plus: –

YOUR CRYSTALLINE DNA – awareness of your crystalline frequency, the emanations of your threefold flame. 

In order to prepare for the new human form of our golden age, the wombs of our sacral energy must be re-calibrated and upgraded.  Many young people of child bearing age are now bringing through the first wave of new humanity.  All of our sacral chakras must be aligned to gestate a fitting world for them.  Therefore, the masters have given these codes – GODDESS CODES, THE MASTERY SERIES.

GODDESS CODES, THE MASTERY SERIES – available from Saffron Hughes.

When the global solar plexus is ready, we can begin connecting in co-creation with the masters:

THE GENESIS PROJECT – generating the new world

And finally – we embark on a journey of initiation into THE GREAT WHITE ONES of THE WHITE BROTHER/SISTERHOOD. 

This work is still in the process of being downloaded into Eliza and Saffron’s inner heart chambers.  It will begin In October, we hope…keep seeing here for update.