Melissa O’Neill

Melissa O’Neill, Shaman and Energy Worker

Melissa O’Neill Shaman Healer

Alcohol has taken over many people, it has broken families apart and ended lives. Alcohol has also saved many people and in what I mean by that is, the bar/the bottle has been a way to numb out and silence the chaos that is present in our lives. But what happens when it’s the only go-to way to quiet the mind, forget about our troubles and gain some happiness, (albeit short lived) we can become reliant on it for these precise reasons. This new treatment is an Antidote for Alcoholism. It will cease the need for the addiction to replay over and over in your mind, body and life. The treatment is not designed to put you off alcohol but to allow you the freedom to choose how you want to use alcohol in your life with the addiction to alcohol eradicated.

During the sessions I use an extraction technique to extract the alcohol from the body. The treatment balances the throat Chakra, clears the thyroid and para-thyroid of the addictive substance (in this case alcohol) and provides an opening for pure essence to enter the body. I am told each patient/client will need to undergo several extractions (two or three) as they each provide awakenings and time to integrate which is vital. The client will require temporary care until the final session is complete, having someone around at home, helping out with normal chores etc with time off work a must.

About Melissa

I am a Facilitator dedicated to bringing Unity Consciousness into fruition on this planet. As a guide I am here to encourage those that are ready to uncover their infinite power in these times of awakening. An important aspect of my work is to help you feel your way through life & troublesome issues and to encourage you to drop the analytical mind and connect to your divine self through the heart.

Melissa O’Neill