More about the foundation


The foundation is named The Two Roads after a great vision given to Black Elk in 1873.  Black Elk, of the Lakota Sioux, was shown two roads that crossed over each other, and in the centre of these two roads, where they crossed, he was shown four hills he then climbed, and when he climbed the four hills he was at the top of the world where he was shown that all races or hoops of the world were really one great race and that one had one father and one mother.  Black Elk was shown the great nation of the world would live in harmony and peace of oneness.  He was given many gifts, including the gift of healing.

Something very interesting is that Black Elk became a Christian in his middle age, and he loved the teacher Jesus, acknowledging that he had seen Jesus before in another vision he had during the Ghost Dancing of The Messiah Craze of the Northern Indians.  Although I believe Black Elk never gave himself totally over to the Christian Religion, he did love it, understand it, and accept it as hope and the way forwards for his people at that time.  Now, Black Elk can see how the climbing up ascents in his great vision and the ultimate top of the world with the ascension into mastery and oneness, was yet one more way of revealing the same message Jesus has revealed in his climb up Calvary to his crucifixion and resurrection and eventual ascension.  Indeed I believe the same truth has been revealed by many teachers over time, and through many religions.  Black Elk does too, and he was keen to teach me according to both the Christian ways and the ways of his beloved people, The Lakota.  And so our mission with the foundation is not only to help heal bodies but to help heal souls and help them find the truth within them that is their own unique way.