O Holy Night!

This is a meditation event you can do throughout the month of December 2018. For a gift of only £7.77 to those in crisis, I will send you the guidelines to this meditation journey.

I have channeled this information from Spirit – The Two Roads Spirit Team:

The frequency of Venus, the Avatar Planet, The Promised One, is risen in our hearts. Venus is the frequency of Isis, the Great Mother, whose Masculine Counterpart is Sirius. Venus and Sirius are often referred to as one, Venus being the brightest planet, and Sirius being the brightest star. In 2018 The Elders of Sirius, The Galactic Council of Cosmic Intelligence, has been connecting with us via our Venus Energy, and in December 2018 there is beginning a meeting of these frequencies. This divine merging is awakening within us a state of composure.

O Holy Night! O Silent Night! All is Calm! All is Bright!

A place has been prepared for us, sent to awaken the composure that arises when these three gifts are in balance:

Gold – Sovereignty – God Energy – Sirius
Frankincense – Love – Goddess Energy –Venus
Myrrh – Resurrection – Christ – New Earth


I feel this composure, had been feeling it over the last week in November, and knew it was a gift for us this Christmastime. I learned it was a gift that would bring composure to our soul group within, and so without to our soul group, soul family, including our biological family, who would gain composure of the essence of the three gifts that are Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

I have also learned through experiencing this composure within, that it promises reconciliation with the soul essence of our mothers. For anyone with difficult relationships with their mother, this is a way of finding peace within. Very often our mothers will not come into their own mother energy within, and so it is down to us to bring composure to the soul;s story of Mother and Child. Indeed, I never felt more loved, or more at one with the Great Mother than when I visit this composure within.

I am thankful, greatly thankful, for this gift from Venus and Sirius.
And I want to share it with you by comprising a meditation for you to follow so you can feel this for yourself. You may not feel completely composed immediately, but meditate on it as often during December as you can, and you will find composure within more and more. Then your family cannot help but feel it, be affected by it, by you, for the I within is the source of the family soul. All Grace, All Love, All Light, comes through the I within. Forgiveness is the result of this flow – reconciliation – unification – and peace within the trinity that is mind body and soul. The velvety peaceful darkness of the great mystery lit brightly by the star of your heavenly self.

Silent Night, Holy Night, All is Calm, All is Bright.


Send a gift of £7.77 British Pounds to The Two Roads Light Foundation Fund for helping those in crisis.

The PayPal is PayPal.Me/TheTwoRoads

Once you send your gift I will send you the meditation guidelines.

HIGHLY SUGGESTED… that you do this work along with Healing the Family Soul – ancestral clearing by the same spirit team – The Two Roads Spirit Team. This work clears all negative patterns from you and your family soul. There will be practitioners holding space for it in December as below. Contact them to arrange: I won’t be doing it until January 10th 2019. It does not matter who you do the work with, the Two Roads Spirit Team will be doing the clearing for you.

Melissa O’Neill start date – 13th December 2018 https://www.facebook.com/events/2163836400498099/

Meredith Pavlidis start date – 6th December 2018

Dolores Farrell start date – 13th December

Eliza White Buffalo start date – 10th January 2019

What is Healing the Family Soul?