Prayer List

The beautiful slate covered book to the left holds the names of many on The Two Roads Prayer List. Most of the names and petitions are on the Facebook Page Prayer For Healing. If you wish to add names to the list simply Go to Prayer For Healing, like the page and post the names.

This Prayer List was first mentioned to me by Black Elk in 2010; every since he has been supporting me in increasing my faith in healing. As it is the names are put on the list, and healing is given according to the highest good of the person. Every Sunday evening The Two Roads Prayer Ceremony takes place where many gather in faith to send love out to the entire world and especially to the names on the list. Healing is asked for and trusted to be as to the Higher Will of the Divine One, as we all sit around The Two Roads Symbol.

Below is a piece about prayer I wrote one day, always under the inspiration and guidance of Black Elk… I hope you have time to read and enjoy. Thank you, Eliza


How to be happy

So what is This Big Two Roads Symbol all about?

How can I be happy? It seems everyone asks that question at some time in their lives. I am happy. I know I am happy with every part of my being, but there was a time I was dreadfully unhappy and asking the question. Now, even though I cannot make you happy, I can tell you how I came to be happy and hope that you too will find what you seek.

I am a prayer; I pray to God The Eternal One. I have always been blessed with communication with The Great and Holy Spirit. Others call me psychic and paranormal, but I simply see myself as being blessed with a strong clear connection to the Divine, a connection I believe we all have. I believe in angels and in spirit guides. I believe those that pass to the other side before us can help us to heal and be happy

Two Roads

Two Roads

My spirit guide, Lakota Sioux Holy Man, Black Elk has always talked to me about prayer and The Two Roads Symbol. The Two Roads Symbol is what you see on the front cover of this booklet. It is a big version of a Gold Two Roads Symbol I wear around my neck.



Two Roads ceremonial objectThe Big Two Roads Symbol, a metre in diameter, is made from plaster, and decorated with airbrushed art and a central red stone called the Red Stone of Power. This is a symbol of wholeness, unity, of the divine polarities meaning God the Father and God the Mother, merged in oneness. It represents the two roads of spirit and body crossing over each other like a plus sign with the Christ Consciousness in the meeting place. You can also think of this as all directions of the compass meeting in the centre. You can imagine that in the centre you then have a good round and full perspective of all directions, all choices in life. So this centre is a place of power.

Wellness and wholeness of being reside eternally in this bright and peace filled heart space, this beautiful Green dimension balanced in the centre of all dimensions. All faith, all hope, all love is received through and within this place of miracles. Therefore, now that I know this, I know too just what Black Elk meant many years ago when he prompted me by simply saying: prayer. But my story goes back to way before that even. My story begins as far back as I remember, when I was a child, kneeling down beside my bed to pray; that of course, was my earliest memories of prayer. I wish to begin in my teenage years, after I had fallen from the days of visiting my own version of The Green. It was a time of shadow and loneliness.

I was fourteen years old and I had great compassion for others. Everywhere I looked there were people sick, lonely, afraid. I wanted to help them but I did not know there was something I could do for them that would make a difference. What I also did not know was I saw so much suffering in the world and felt such compassion for others because I really wanted to heal myself. I was sick, lonely and afraid, and that truth was reflected in the world around me. I did not know how to help, but I did know how to pray, and so that is what I did. I prayed for others.

In those days I believed I was unlovable, destined to be miserable and weak, but I also believed there was a tiny speck of good that resided in my heart space. I often prayed desperately, with tears flowing, for people to see that part of me and not the part I detested. Alas, I was so full of self hate I did not allow nor feel I deserved any blessings to come my way, so I prayed for others, and pleaded for myself. When I prayed for others I would touch my heart and pray: I ask this from this tiny piece of good. To my delight, when I prayed for someone they were always helped, even if it was a minor change in their situation. I began to believe my prayers were really making a difference. My grandmother noticed it; perhaps others did too, but my grandmother was the first person to acknowledge that when I prayed people were helped. She would tell people: get Helen to pray for you. She’s a really good prayer.

In my late teens I began a petition to The Mother Mary. My petition was for my happiness; I wanted to be happy. I went to Catholic Mass every day for nine days, or so I remember. Each mass was offered up for my petition. I did not achieve happiness in the days following, or in the years following, but I was beginning to believe it was possible I could be helped, and the missionaries holding the novena masses went a long way in convincing me that there was none that Mother Mary would turn away; and so, through the tiny piece of good in me, I trusted in Her.

Secret of Happiness

Several years following the petition to Mother Mary my father’s uncle died. My father, his brother and his sister, were present at the time of passing. My aunt reported that her uncle saw someone just before he passed, who my aunt believed was The Mother Mary. I picked up my ears at this piece of information; I thought about it a lot, and when my aunt found a little booklet in her uncle’s belongings and gave it to me, I was convinced Mother Mary was telling me something. The booklet was titled The Secret to Happiness. Inside were fifteen prayers. If each of the fifteen prayers were said by the petitioner each day for one whole year the petitioner would live a happy life, and at the time of his or her death Mother Mary would come and welcome them into Heaven. I had heard enough – I believed. I said those fifteen prayers daily for one year. I don’t think I missed a day, I was that hopeful that it would make me happy. I did not achieve happiness in the days following or in the years following, but I did meet someone who gave me hope to pray for others again.

A short time after praying The Secret to Happiness I was introduced to a man who only two years before had been cured of a fatal condition of the bowel. Kevin Ellison was given just two hours to live when his parents were given a relic of Edmund Rice’s robes. The two hours passed and suddenly everyone was astounded as it seemed Kevin was ‘coming back from death’. The doctors discovered there was hope after all when they witnessed new life saving tissue growing where before was only decay. Kevin was fully recovered within six months, and when I met him two years later he was in very good health. Kevin told me that a petition had gone to the pope asking him to declare Kevin’s healing as a miracle. The pope had not done so at that time but I was convinced it would be so, because I believed. I stayed in touch with Kevin for several years, during which I began to pray to Brother Edmund Rice for others, and I connected to an organization of hundreds of petitioners who believed in him too. I sent the petition for my happiness off to the organization: please may I live the life that Jesus and His Mother Mary desire for me.

I discovered Edmund Rice granted intercession on Thursdays. I imagine now he will grant intercession on any day, but in those days this was what I followed. I prayed on Thursdays for anyone who wanted my prayers. I handed out the prayer to all who would receive it, and Kevin kept me in good supply. His son, who was little at the time, gave me a plaque with a metal of Brother Edmund Rice on it. The child’s name was Edmund, and the plaque still shines for me amongst other sacred objects in my home. Edmund Rice was a great friend to me; he helped me help others through prayer. He helped people as far away as Romania because I prayed for his help. The reports were coming in thick and fast; whenever I prayed for Edmund’s help, whomever I prayed for was helped, and yet I did not believe I was worthy of help myself. I was praying for help for me, don’t get me wrong. I prayed, I begged, I cried for help, but it wasn’t until I believed I was worthy of it that I found happiness. I believe now that help was given to me all along but I did not recognize it because I was looking for happiness, and true happiness is only found by loving oneself. I kept praying. At times my grandmother provided me with a list of names. I was helping others through my faith in prayer and through my faith in Edmund Rice. Edmund Rice was beatified in the year 1996, the year I married my soul mate and told him I was ready to let myself be happy. We named our first born child after Blessed Edmund Rice. I hope that one day I will hear that the pope has sanctified my beloved friend, and yet he is truly sanctified in his own divine heart, and mine.

Blessed Edmund Rice

Blessed Edmund Rice

My awakening came in 2002; I had a near death experience in which I went into the Light. After that I began to let prayer fall away. I was conflicted as old conditioned illusions of religion battled with my higher truth. My faith in prayer was wounded in the battle; who was I praying to? What was I praying with? The Church had taught me who Jesus was, but it didn’t resonate with my newly awakened knowing. I began to reconnect with Black Elk. Prayer, he told me; focus on prayer, but although I was beginning to understand Black Elk’s method of prayer, I didn’t understand that it was akin to what I had done years before, when I would touch my heart and pray with the tiny piece of good in there. Black Elk prayed through Creation, touching the earth. I prayed through Creation, touching my heart. I understood that Creation is the Child of God; having come through Mother Earth, Creation in perfect balance with Great Spirit is the Christ Consciousness. The priests had said in the mass: we ask this through Christ our Lord. I realized that all those years ago I too had been praying through Christ and that was why my prayers helped.

I began to pray again, in the way I was shown by Black Elk. He would pray in the Spirit World and I would copy him in this world. I always understood what he was doing, and when I needed more understanding he gave it to me. One of his teachings was always to pray for understanding; so I was on a sure way to growing on my journey of prayer. Something I realize in this moment is that I have never received an understanding that I haven’t asked for. I am happy; I asked for that, years ago when I made my petition to Mother Mary, but I had to understand how to be happy, and that understanding came from Black Elk. Did Mother Mary make that happen? Of course She did, because She, like all women is the essence of The Divine Feminine, The Sacred Mother Energy, Mother Earth, and all creation comes through Her from God The Eternal One.

Black Elk gave me The Two Roads Symbol, the Christ or Divine Creation Energy in perfect balance between Great Spirit and Mother Earth. He asked me to establish a prayer list, a list of souls petitioning for wholeness, to be happy. It is what everyone wants: to be happy; and true happiness is found in The Christ Consciousness within. And so, just as I once touched my heart and prayed with the Christ Consciousness so that others could be happy, now I gather around the Red Stone of Power, the heart of the Big Two Roads Symbol, and I pray for others to be happy, to be whole, healed through Christ. It is a given already, because within the Christ Consciousness all is whole, in perfect balance of their divine polarities; and so by holding the petitioners in their wholeness, in their Immaculate Self, all illusion of sickness, unhappiness, falls away into nothing. I remember the words – Ask and you shall receive.

Are you ready to let yourself be happy?


Eliza White Buffalo 2013