This moment is all there is. This very moment is the doorway to all moments, past, present and future. This moment is the sacred solar plexus of the eternal being. In each of our solar plexus is this sacristy, this chamber that opens and closes in a vortex manner, allowing us to experience all that is, was, and ever shall be.

When in 2003 I had a vision of this spot in The Two Roads Centre (seen in picture ) I had no understanding of it being intricate to the sacred solar plexus. The vision came a week before I saw the spot with my ordinary eyes – I knew I was to live here, and I knew it was to become a centre for ascension.

This chamber can be used as the womb of Mother Earth for sweats or for re-generation.

This chamber can be used as the womb of Mother Earth for sweats or for re-generation.

So I made the move, and I began to meditate on the spot. It stands between east and south of the medicine wheel – meaning the light that has been born into the world is now making its ascension into fullness of divine self, as the sun reflects this to us with its rising into fullness in the south.

After a while I began to see a connection with the spot and my solar plexus – we were connected via a vortex. Black Elk, my spirit, told me the vortex was my solar plexus, and the spot was a reflection of that.

Now that I have realised the sacred solar plexus within, all doors are open to me, all time, all space. And so I open this vortex and invite you to sit inside this sacred spot so that you may not only descend into the deep womb below but also rise from this moment into fullness of your self and come back to this moment, this sacred solar plexus, in re-birth and ascension into sovereignty,

This sacred passageway in the ceremonial grounds of The Two Roads Centre is the perfect tool for your journey of re-birth. Firstly, descending through the moment, into your divine roots, re-membering yourself with all your divine attributes, then secondly returning to this moment and re-birthing it forwards into life once again, so that thirdly, on the third day, you may rise again and ascend into the glory of your divine self on Earth.

Life is good dear hearts….let us shine in full presence of the Divine Sacred Eternal One.

I Now offer a rate of only £70 for this event:

A private two hour shamanic medicine healing and re-birthing here in the sacred ceremonial grounds of The Two Roads Centre. You will be using the cabin, the medicine wheel and the sound chamber. Introduction cost is only £50.  Contact me to book on or Facebook Me.