Reflexology and Massage

L/Derry Area of Northern Ireland.

I am fully qualified and insured for Palliative, Maternity, Fertility, Baby & Toddler Reflexology.

Reflexology uses pressure on the feet in the form of massage. It is based on the theory that all our body systems are mapped on our feet. Clients find the treatment to be extremely relaxing. If, however, the client does not want their feet to be worked on (some people don’t like their feet) Reflexology can also be effectively worked on the hands.

I also offer Hot Stone massage, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, and Thai Foot massage. These are all beautiful treatments, each audit the client to relax, but also providing a function – release of tension in affected muscles.  The aim of massage is to relax and heal the body through touch. I bring Reiki energy through each massage too.  My body receives the energy from Source, and emits through my hands, which are placed on various areas of the clients’ body.  The benefit to the client is that whenever I use hands in any treatment the client will receive healing energy.

I am willing to travel to the client, within a half hour radius. I have both a massage table and a LaFuma Reflexology chair, so am able to set up in the clients’ home, if necessary.

Tracy Miller

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£28 – massage

£50 hot stone massage