Retrieving Empowered lifetimes

I, Eliza White Buffalo, am an ancestral shaman, trained in this life from early childhood by my twin spirit, Lakota Holy Man Black Elk. I am gifted to be able to communicate with many shamanic spirits and totems. I have worked with soul retrieval and past life reading for over 17 years, although I would say I have been reading past lives for all of this life, since connecting people to the past was something I always did without trying. In practice, past life reading was always a fundamental aspect of all my spiritual work

This is a retrieval focused on bringing to your conscious mind – POSITIVE ENERGY – EMPOWERED LIFETIMES in which your soul was living the higher frequencies. My guide, spirit flame Blessed Black Elk, has encouraged me to offer this service, and he assures me there are many empowered lifetimes in each of your souls. He will guide me – lead me to a lifetime, or lifetimes, in which your soul soared with light. By retrieving these aspects of you, you will be encouraged to step up, for now is the time. We are expecting this to give you extra windpower, grace in knowing you CAN do it, and you HAVE DONE IT already.

Retrieving soul loss is not always about pain – turn that inside out and you have joy – and so I will go where my focus is – to your joys, your successes, your gifts, your comforts, and your empowerment.


When you sign up for this event, I will journey for soul loss retrieval into your past lives – I will not stop there though – I will continue through the soul of that person, through zero point where all time and space is zero – and through it to witness a lifetime, a reality, parallel to the traumatic one – a reality in which the aspect of the soul is not ‘locked in’ but very much empowered and present in the life. I will email you with the results/outcome as soon as I come back from your past lives.

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