REVIEWS for Reveal your Natural Voice Workshop

This class yesterday was really great! Just what I needed to learn at this exact moment in my life. I am excited to use the techniques learned, not just to grow and explore, but to heal past traumas and physical health issues. I am so very grateful to have been a part of the first group to take this class from, you, Eliza. The class size is perfect and you are such a delight! An

This is a beautiful class very original and intimate. Thank you Eliza .. Monica

Thank you for this beautiful class Eliza. It was so much more than I expected. I am so glad I did it. You are a wonderful teacher. Your knowledge and wisdom just flow through you  Aine

This is without a doubt a wonderful class. We watched each one of us find their natural voice under Eliza’s guidance! She is a beautiful teacher Sue I participated in Eliza’s light language course of speaking your own unique language and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it . It was a small group and Eliza spent time with each of us individually. Eliza explained it very well and we all had great fun and laughter during it . It was in a very relaxed atmosphere and couldn’t recommend this course enough. I will definitely be using this tool to clear my chakras and promote self healing along with the many other things it can be used for. Thankyou so much Eliza… Michelle