Shamanic Practice Training

SHAMANISM TRAINING has never been easier or more affordable. The best training you can receive is in direct communication with the shaman guides of your soul, but many people are not tuned into that as well as they might have been in previous lifetimes. For this reason, and because it is my firm belief that everyone is a shaman within, whether or not you have spent lifetimes as being shaman, I have decided to teach shamanism in a variety of ways, but all based on you as being the shaman guide within.

These ways are as follows:

1 – FREE group on Facebook, in which I post regularly about shamanism, and teaching posts. Plus the opportunity to reeive my first manual for free.


2 – Three manuals – pdf form – with the full programme I used to do in my workshops. order now here

3 – a series of teaching videos, outlining the basic journeys throughout all 3 levels of shamanism. Temporarily reduced from £10 to £5. First two are ready to avail of now here

4 – – One to one tuition with me, Eliza White Buffalo, and my spirit team, including my shaman guides, and your shaman guides too, if they present themselves to me. This is a unique way of teaching shamanism, that is, I guess, second best to communicating directly with your shaman guides. see here .



For now – manuals are available for only £5 each.

manual for level 1

Manual for level 2

manual 3

Level one

Psychic Protection

The Medicine Wheel – level 1

Connecting to spirit guides – using the drum and other instruments.

Journeying to the Centre of All Things.

How to gather your spirit helpers and totems

The three worlds of the shaman.

How to travel to the Underworld.

level 2

Calling the Thunder Beings

Travelling to the Upper World and Middle World – Astral Projection

Gathering information and Seeding the Future

The Medicine Wheel – level 2 and the multi dimensional self.

Soul Retrievals, Past Life work, and Crossing Souls over.

level 3

The 13 spiritual worlds – Aligning to the higher self


Shamanic Healing and psychic surgery


This training is tailored to you. Your spirit guides and shamanic team step forth to introduce themselves and work with and through Eliza to remind you what your unique gifts and talents are and why you brought them to the world to share.
I started my training with Eliza in 2014 and it changed the course of my life and work forever. I personally don’t know anyone that offers this form of tailored training anywhere else in the world. We are very lucky to have her and I’m delighted to recommend this incredible teacher” Melissa

Just want to say to anyone out there who is thinking of doing a Shamanic course I personally thank the Great Spirits for leading me to Eliza. She is the most loving, humble and gifted teacher I have ever met. She makes you believe 100% in your own gift and ability in such a gentle way. Eliza you are an amazing gift to the world. I am so blessed to have you as a sister.  Monica

What an amazing person! Eliza is such an amazing shaman makes you believe in yourself and shows you how beautiful you are I just can’t get enough of this course and the amazing people on it I thank you x
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the revealing the shaman part 1 workshop. The atmosphere was amazing and Eliza made us all feel at home. It was a very uplifting experience for me as it gave me great insight to my own life. It was lovely to be in the presence of such a knowledgable beautiful soul. Over all the day more than met my expectations and I will look forward to more workshops and events that Eliza will host in the future.  Mark 

The most life/soul changing things have happened since the universe directed me to this amazing woman and her sacred grounds  The people I have shared with on these 2 Shaman groups, I will never forget – Eliza creates enlightenment, honesty, hospitality, transformation and friendship all in a very safe and empathetic environment – If you’re reading this, have no doubts about this course, DO IT!!! I’ll be lost when it’s over…Please adopt mé Eliza”  Kiki

I’ve attended 2 of Eliza’s shamanic workshops and can’t wait for the next one! Eliza is a natural teacher and I love her straightforward way of explaining and simplifying the very essence of what needs to be understood. She makes shamanism accessible for all levels. Eliza encourages YOU to take charge of your own healing, providing you with the knowledge, intuition and skills to empower you. And the people you meet in the group…amazing! Can’t recommend it highly enough xx  Janice

“All of you out there thinking of doing this just go for it. Eliza is a wonderful Shamanic Master / Teacher who guides you to be the best version of yourself in her beautiful gentle and humble way. The best thing I ever did for myself”

This was such an amazing day , Eliza is a pure and beautiful soul and made us feel so welcome , it was a lovely to meet all the other people at the workshop too , and to truly feel peace and to realise that’s were I belonged.

‘Beautifully structured day – professional’

‘A truly uplifting and grounding experience’

‘Thoroughly enjoyable and very unique experience’

A great experience – Eliza has great knowledge’

‘I have come home, into my power. Feel the Love’

‘Very safe, sacred, nurturing experience. A coming home and a feeling of being loved. Lots of jigsaw pieces coming together. Aho!’

‘Very friendly, knowledgeable teacher. A lot of experiential work which is just what I needed for my spiritual development. I learned a lot. Thank you’

‘An enlightening experience in a beautiful serene space. Much gratitude. Thank you Eliza’

‘Eliza is an amazing, beautiful lady whom I have a lot of love and respect for. More than I could every imagine – beautiful place – breathtaking!’