Have a soul reading with one of our more experienced readers:

Reader – Oly Patsoura

About reading sessions There is absolutely nothing your heart doesn’t know, about you, me, or anything else. So what is the purpose of a reading session? We all go through phases of disconnection and these are the periods when we feel lost, when we just don’t understand, we feel we have no clue and we don’t know whether to stay still or move or in which direction. Social conditioning and trauma are the main reasons that our, always active, inner guidance doesn’t reach our conscious mind and that we don’t allow our heart to move us. Asking for a reading is a conscious act of reconnecting, apparently with the facilitator who is offering this supportive service, but in fact it is with our own self that we reconnect through the facilitator, who, tuning into our vibration, acts as our mirror and mirrors back to us what we need to reveal to ourselves for our highest good at this moment. Your inner guidance might want to reconnect you with a forgotten ability or talent or activity, with an event, with a person, a feeling, a sensation, with your body or a body part, a memory, a dream, etc., that is important for your development. I offer and discuss with you a translation in words of the vibrations of your past, present and future timelines, in a way that you can feel and understand that none of them is fixed and can change following our decision to heal and to dream and to love. The support is offered in English, French and Greek.

About me: My heart works for the children, no matter our age, to empower, to reveal our connections, to remeber the vastness of our being, to become whole on holy earthly grounds too, to become love. My heart works for the birth of babies, the birth of mothers and fathers, the birth of long hold pains, the birth of dreams, of new ways, new realities, the birth of space for love. My heart works for releasing the illusion that science and spirituality are separated, there is nothing metaphysical nor paranormal, everything is normal and natural and common to all of us with no exception, we are all one, yes we are love! Oly Patsoura biologist, doula, love tuning fork