Transforming Cellular Memory is an epigenetic psycho-spiritual modality that brings forth purification, healing and teachings to the mind, body and life on the deepest level, the Cellular level.

Melissa O’Neill Shaman Healer

Melissa channels transformational energies which bring forth a felt experience in the body. These energies clear accumulated debris, self-destructive tendencies like self-hatred and self-sabotage, cycles of behavioural patterns that don’t serve, layers of conditioning, blind spots, dysfunctional belief systems, trapped emotions, trauma, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences that are stored in our organs and nervous system.

During a Private session Transformational energies flow through the body on a continuous basis. The intelligence of these energies begins to effortlessly dissolve the fear based epigenetic inheritance that causes pain and limitation in our body, mind and life. This work is a form of energy healing without the hands-on approach.

As the Inner Self & Cellular Body is being transformed, it is inevitable that our outer world changes. Due to this, TCM is for those that are ready for life changing results.

About Melissa 

I am a Facilitator dedicated to bringing Unity Consciousness into fruition on this planet. As a guide I am here to encourage those that are ready to uncover their infinite power in these times of awakening. An important aspect of my work is to help you feel your way through life & troublesome issues and to encourage you to drop the analytical mind and connect to your divine self through the heart.

Melissa O’Neill