testimonies to healing

Psychic surgery and compassionate release combined in the ministry equals to powerful healing and growth in faith, which in turn promotes self healing. We are all healers, and we begin with the little self, move on to the bigger self and eventually become the One Great and Holy Self.

There are so many testimonies to date about the healing service so I am going to post here three very lovely ones, one for the surgery, one for distant surgery, and one for Compassionate Release with Padre Pio.



This one is anonymous as the lady’s father wants to keep his identity undisclosed….so respect to him, a courageous soul.

“I recently took my dad to Eliza for psychic surgery as he had been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and had polyps in the back passage, these are little growths that can be pre-cancerous but usually need to be removed surgically by a doctor.
The psychic surgery was the most humbling, breathtaking experience of healing I’ve ever experienced. Dr Arthur Conan Doyle did the surgery alongside my dads guides and other beings of light… the team took my dad into the spirit world and held him in the light whilst Conan Doyle did the surgery. Afterwards dad was told that his cancer came as a gift and a test of his faith, for him to decide if he wanted to stay here in the physical or go back home to the world of spirit and that the choice was his entirely. By going ahead with the psychic surgery he became steadfast in his belief in the ability to shift this dis-ease as easily as it entered the body which became quite apparent in the days that followed.
After his appointment my dads cancer began to dissolve and the level of cancer reduced dramatically in his body.
As for the polyps dad had a further appointment at the hospital to have a pre-assessment before removal but of course low and behold the doctor could no longer find the polyps.
My dad now has a zest for life and is looking forward to living again. I am forever grateful my prayers were answered and I get to spend more days loving the man who is now my hero.
In love & gratitude”



” last week i asked Eliza if she could do psychic surgery with me. Oh boy, could she?
Without knowing my medical history she immediately knew to work on the lungs. Then the thyroid, and much more. It has been a week of physical transformation for me and i can nit recommend it highly enough, nor thank her for her sweet kindness and willingness to do this amazing work for and with us all. God Bless You,
And thank you!  i feel a different person. I really do” Lilian.


Hello, I feel I should write a few words on Eliza White / Ministry, I was introduced to Eliza through a dear friend who had been healed with Eliza, I called to d ministry a month ago and had a most incredible evening of healing/ rebirth with some brilliant people. Since then I’ve had distant healing done by Eliza and her team. For me this healing has been life changing, Eliza is such a genuine person, so down to earth and so easy to talk to. I am so grateful to Eliza and her team for all she/they have done for me.
Sincere regards Mic Healy.


AND FINALLY – the Compassionate Release with Padre Pio:

I would like to share my experience with The Two Roads Healing Ministry, with Padre Pio of God I attended healing session on the 14 March in Derry/ Londonderry.
I had a accident with my bicycle 2,5 years ago (I had a bleed in my brain and nerve damage, and other smaller problems). Since then I had great problem with vertigo attacks ( mostly weekly, sometimes a few days a week) and Tinnitus (24/7). I also had the feeling that my head wasn’t clear, a feeling as if I’m in a cloud, and at times found it hard to concentrate.
I didn’t know what to expect from The Two Roads Healing Ministry, with Padre Pio of God, and went open minded to the session.
To describe what and how this event is working I find difficult ( I think Eliza should maybe do that) for me it was a beautiful but also a bit strange event. With a amazing energy of love, healing and devotion.
Since receiving the healing I experiencing a big change, my head feels clear again, my energy levels are back up again. I start to join far more things again, and have now more trust in myself that I can do them.
I know it is still early day, but I’m open and trust that this healing energy can work and transform.
With all my Love, and very grateful.” Gusta.