Compassionate Release

Compassionate Release

Compassionate Release fills my heart with peace and joy of knowing, of placement so ME I feel I will ride this wave for eternity. My heart sings, my soul is resonant with the harmonics of truth, peace and joy.

It is a way of healing that is as old as time itself. Everything I do comes from the ancient ones who mastered these skills before us. Compassion is a healer, plain and simple. Where sympathy says “hey look at you, poor thing, how terrible!” compassion says ” hey, this is not who you are, let’s get you up on your feet”

Compassionate Release comes directly from The Almighty One Beloved Source of the Universe, lifts the soul up on its feet, and marvels in the beauty of Light that is revealed from the release of drama of lifetimes of separation. it leaves the soul ‘clean’ and ‘ in a state of Grace’. Compassionate Release is the Revolution and Revelation of the Soul. 

WATCH THIS YouTube video and receive Compassion Release.

The wonderful healing spirits I have the honour to work with have shown and taught to me this incredible healing modality, over years, helping me to understand and fine tune my harmony with it, and now we share what I have been shown and taught with others.  I will be teaching Compassionate Release – so if you are interested contact me to arrange booking.  The training won’t take long – it is a simple modality, that can help you with your everyday life, how you react and act in the world, and also help you to help others. see workshop here     (training temporarily unavailable) 

Let me say this:  EVERYONE is a self healer and we all are compassionate, all with the power to make change in our selves and in others; Compassionate Release involves bringing the frequency of our highest selves into the body in order to exact that change.  Then naturally, the higher our frequency the more powerful the healing.  I can help you to shift your frequency higher and to reach your potential as healers in this world.