Vision Quest

I offer vision quest services:  Hanblecheyakpi (Crying for a Vision)

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Going out to cry for a vision

Going out to cry for a vision

In Lakota tradition a seeker of a vision would come to a holy man and present a pipe… ( for you, tobacco ) and ask for his help to seek a vision.  The holy man would then organize the five days for the seeker, and on the last day he will interpret the vision for the seeker.  The seeker of a vision would cleanse their spirit and body for four days prior to the quest.  This included fasting for four days straight and also the sweat lodge each day.

For you –  Each day eat your breakfast in the morning as usual, and have your main meal at lunchtime, but in the evening eat only a light snack at least 2 hrs before bed.  Drink 3 litres of water each day, and refrain from caffeine and refined sugar.


Also smudge four times a day with sage.  Each time you smudge acknowledge Great Spirit thus –

Turning to the west – “Great Spirit, send me your help. Thunder Beings behold me.  Help me to cleanse myself of all that no longer serves my scared path.”

Turning to the north – “Great Spirit, send me your help.  O Great White Beings, purify my thoughts.”

Turning to the east – “Great Spirit, send me your help.  Wakan Tanka, Son of Grandfather, teach me your wisdom.”

Turning to the south – “Great Spirit, send me your help.  Spirits of the Earth, teach me humility and gratitude.”

Looking to the Sky – “Grandfather, Tunkahsila, you are the only one to pray to.  Send me your help so that I may walk in your light.”

Touching the Earth – “Grandmother, My Mother, I thank you and I love you.  May I walk in reverence and beauty.”

Touching your heart – “Great Spirit, help me to know that where I stand is sacred.  Take me to the highest point of all and teach me to be like you, for it is only with your power that I walk my path in confidence.”


(You may develop a headache as you are clearing )

Day 5 you will be here at The Two Roads Centre

Take only a light breakfast that morning.  Please bring a gift of tobacco that has been previously smudged by you.  Bring your drum if you have one.  The only other thing you may need to bring is a notebook to record as you go along.


Each person will require a different procedure leading up to their quest.  Eliza and Black Elk will help clear what may still be in the way.  This clearing opens up the subconscious and allows for transformation.  Your old subconscious may return to you during our quest, in the form of ‘the blue man’.  He may appear to you in form, as in blue man, or in another form such as something you associate with fear.  Overcoming this ‘illusion’ that is fear prevents the old subconscious from re-gaining a foothold.  The blue man wants to prevent you from seeing the light – it will try to tempt you through your thoughts, but when you keep praying to Great Spirit, the light will banish the blue man.

‘The blue man is what the Lakota believe to be the source of disharmony in the world and in the soul.  It tries to destroy all that belongs to Great Spirit, but the rainbow tribe will come and make a yellow day again, and we shall walk the red road in unity.’

The space for the quest:

You will be inside the womb of Mother Earth.  In the Lakota ways a seeker will dig a hole to live in.  Here you will be inside the womb chamber of the sacred ceremonial grounds of the centre.  It will be dark, but you can let the light in at any time you wish to.  Four flags will be placed around the ceremonial grounds to mark the directions – black in the west, white in the north, red in the east and yellow in the south.  You may come out of the ‘hole’ any time you wish to in order to pray using the medicine wheel.  It is recommended you pray at least every hour on the hour.  You will be in the grounds for up to 4 hours.  You will be praying with the sacred chanupa.  This is why you must bring me a gift of tobacco.  When you are praying you must allow yourself to feel, cry if you can, be earnest in your prayers.  You will drum when you feel like it.  Drumming helps you to trance and see your vision.

Sunday to Thursday – Cost £155 which includes non refundable deposit of £50