Your community

Many people ask me how to get The Two Roads Ministry to their community:


This is how Spirit wants 2016 to go – Spirit is orchestrating the ministry to go out to community centres at large, to the masses of souls seeking spiritual paths either alongside their usual religion or other than their usual religion.  The Ministry is totally non denominational and inter faith so this suits everyone.

This brings to mind community centres – town halls etc…anywhere where the community gathers.  Talk to your local community centre board…ask them if they would be willing to arrange a date for the ministry in their hall.  All we need is a large hall, at least 40 chairs, depending on how many people are interested in coming, about 4 long tables, bathroom facilities, and heating if necessary.  If the hall is not within walking distance of tea/coffee/lunch facilities, then the use of a kitchen would be good.

FINANCES:  The Two Roads Ministry will cover the hiring of the hall.  An entrance contribution of at least £20 will be asked at the door, depending on the distance the ministry has travelled.

PROMOTION:  You can help by sourcing the best public media for your area, and we can work together to get the news out there in your community.  You will not be asked to give an entrance fee, and your assistance will be your voluntary contribution, if you wish.  The ministry will cover the cost of advertising.

To start the ball rolling, email me at  Or call 07704057955   ROI – 447704057955