“The work is phenomenal. Eliza White Buffalo and her spirit team are simply outstanding. Events that simply must be experienced in person! A beautiful coming together of souls and a return to the wholeness of the highest self and the Oneness of us all! Deeply moving and most certainly life changing!! Highly recommend!”…… Austa’ara Horn.

“Hi Eliza I just wanted to let you know that an amazing miracle has happened to my sister, her cancer has shrunk in 2 places . Thank you so much for the healing you are doing on her . Love and blessings C. Xxxxx”

“When my friend’s 19 yr old son became critically ill I asked Eliza White Buffalo to pray for him. Now he has had a complete turn around – the doctors are baffled. Thank you Eliza and Padre, the power of prayer is amazing.. Marisa Coyle

“Just spent Saturday 15 of August with the amazing Eliza White Buffalo and her spirit team who are phenomenal. Eliza has such a special gift, like no other person I have ever seen or met. Her spirit team consists of some of the best guides and helpers in the world. The day started as a normal day, just going to go for healing. I can’t describe what happened to me – powerful is an understatement! It was excilarating! uplifting! mind blowing! out of this world!. on Saturday I started the most incredible journey of my life. Definitely one of the best days ever. I received so much healing.and blessing . Amazing, I have been on such a high from then, and I said to a friend, if I could bottle up the feeling that I have everyone in the world would be so happy. I’m so humble and grateful for everything The Two Roads Team did for me — feeling blessed.” Frances Hope.

“After having spent a day doing a workshop with Eliza White and her amazing group-
I have never felt such energy in one room at one time.
This was a journey of discovery like no other!
. Soul connections ; Trance – connections with so many spirit guides and healers.
Absolutely incredible, and a must for anyone.
Next workshop in Monaghan 23rd.Dont miss it.”   Catriona Hughes.

“A sweet miracle has occurred! Danielle Leon is going home from the Ronald McDonald House EARLY! She is doing phenomenally well following her bone marrow transplant to cure her of sickle cell disease. Thank you, God…”  Cathleen Hulbert

This was an amazing experience!
Thank you so much to make this possible, and thanks to the whole team.
And YES I’m open for the healing I received!!!”

“I am so proud and honoured to be involved in this ministry!Every event is unique & powerful beyond words! I’d recommend you set time aside to attend one of these events around the country! It’s donation based so affordable for everyone!”  Sinead Lynch


“-Eliza is a truly gifted and beautiful soul who works closely with Saint Padre Pio to offer help and healing to the world. If you or anyone you know is in need of healing I would recommend paying Eliza and The Two Roads Light Foundation a visit, you cant help but be touched by the power of Spirit working with and through her. I for one am very grateful for the experience, which will stay with me for a very long time.”


“Thank you so much, my heart is bursting with joy. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy and contented in my life.”


“Eliza White Buffalo, Thank you so much for your divine intervention! i could actually see Padre Pio in your face yesterday in Derry! amazing powerful experience”


“Thank you for today, if anything i can do to help spread the word of the great work you and your team are doing let me know xx love xx”


“What a wonderful experience today was, thank you, Padre and all the team for making it happen. I saw amazing healing taking place right in front of my eyes, what a pleasure it was to be present. I am so grateful bless you.”


“I just wanted to thank you for the healing I received. I found it to be a very moving, powerful experience. ”


“Thank you for a wonderful, powerful and positive morning, I left a better and stronger person, the energy was amazing.”


“It was a wonderful experience. l have come away different l feel so settled inside, thank you.”