Breaking down the Walls of Time

There is a moment in everyone that lies deep in their subconscious.  It is the moment they separated from Source/God, and the Self became ego-driven to fill that moment with truth ever since.  It is the moment many speak of when they speak of the separation of the twin souls, for all time is one time, all is this very moment. It is the moment that causes the fight/flight system to lock into helplessness, so instead of fight/flight being a temporary defense system of the body, it becomes a way of being that is out of balance with whole health and happiness.

In our early childhood is the moment of separation, and we do not remember it. We cannot recall the exact moment, but we do have a way of connecting to it. The spiritual trauma of it lies within the body, in the ailments of the body that speak of past  pain, pain that came after it and shadows it.  If you were to shine a spiritual light of truth into the center of Self you would see the shadows moving around and around creating layer after layer on top of the moment of separation.

What can be done?

The layers of separation must be destroyed, and truth revealed.  This requires breaking down the walls of time, time that has covered up the cracks.  The open wound is where truth is found, deep in the blood of life and death.  ‘Breaking Down the Walls of Time’ is a healing ceremony designed to do just that – break down the layers of separation and reveal the light of the free soul.

‘Breaking Down the Walls of Time’  – This beautiful ceremony takes only up to 30 minutes to perform when you book an appointment with Eliza White Buffalo.  You can attend it person to person with Eliza at The Two Roads Center in Co Tyrone, N Ireland, or via Messenger Calling.


30 minutes = £35 via Messenger Calling, or £30 at The Two Roads Center.

Once you know how to perform the ceremony you can practice it at home any time.