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Summer 2016:

A great deal of change but what is new?  Spirit is getting me to re-vamp again and streamline major time.  The Ministry is staying put in The Two Roads Cabin.  We are taking 10 people at each event only, focusing on quality of time for everyone, including me.  You must book now before coming… contacting me will ensure easy booking.  There is a waiting list if you do not make it into an event… and you will be notified for the next one.  The reviews are coming in fast so check them under the Ministry tab – testimonies and testimonies to healing.

The shamanic work is taking a upwards spin too- I offer a two hour re-birthing session with the medicine wheel and birthing chamber.  See under Services and Training.  Also vision quest – always popular for those serious about their shamanic path.


March equinox 2016 – Spring is here


Spring is here with her magic, and so we too begin to unfold in our newness of the year.  For the ministry this means getting back out on the road again…beginning with Strabane in County Tyrone in May – check out the schedule page or Facebook for details.  For me personally this year Spring brings such a deep clear out my life is very changed.  Changed that is, in a great way I feel, more slow, easy, relaxed, and therefore more divine.

I have streamlined my work AGAIN after having done so last year too…. but last year I must admit, was very busy and fast for me.  At times it was overwhelming, and by winter I was burnt out, especially after spending a full week in deep trance, on my own in a cottage where I wrote my fourth book.  Returning to ordinary consciousness and life was difficult then, having been so exhausted, and having gone so deep into the world of Spirit.  I found it mentally sore to even attempt to function in the 3D reality.  I have always been this sensitive to the Spirit World, having such huge capacity for shamanism, in which I experience everything so naturally and spiritually diverse.  Fortunately, I had the wisdom to rest over the winter, and in recent weeks to take life and work at a slower pace, and I will keep that pace up for 2016.

I must say writing book 4 was an absolute joy…. the entire book downloaded from Spirit in 6 days…and all I have had to do recently is tidy up the punctuation and grammar ( it came through with a distinct old world, and very British way of speaking)  It was mainly downloaded from the celestial mind, however, Conan Doyle’s mind and Grace Cooke’s mind came through strongly at times, hence the Britishness.  Black Elk had a huge part in it…especially when we spoke of shamanic concepts…but his manner has greatly merged with mine by now..and so I find my manner in it too.

It was funny. since it came from the celestial world and talks about THE STAR….. because the night before I begun to write there was a massive imitation star lit up on the side of the mountain next to me…a symbol of what was to come.



 The Autumn is a time for letting go…of letting the natural flow of life come to an end and the ebbing begin, into the winter of life, to rest in purity and reflection: Hope reveals itself in this way, through the winter, like the snowdrops gently revealing the light of Source through the white snow.  Here is a piece I wrote this morning, filled with hope, and a sense of letting go of old ways –

Tworoads whitebackgroundDear Hearts, sharing something from my heart, I wish to say I have come to know that no matter what you see in the world, if you judge it and are affected by it so, you are feeding the very same judgement within you. For example, if I feel another to be critical, and worse still, if I act on that judgement by pointing their criticism out to them, or even simply by feeling criticised by them, in this way I condemn myself within, and I feed what self criticism there is within. However, should I ‘observe’ their critical action and not feel affected by it, but remain detached from it, in this way I detach from any self criticism within, I detach from any iota of inner belief that says I am not good enough.

Please do not attach your energy to any action in the world that is less than loving, lest you condemn yourself to be thus, and feed what inner wounds you have with the same. All healing is self healing, and self healing is clearing away the illusion of suffering that is in front of your own eyes, not others’ eyes. What veils your eyes also veils your heart; please Dear Hearts, make a practice of not judging others, and in this way you will learn not to condemn yourself to a life of self bondage and suffering. You are Love, and you are so loved by the higher self within you; allow this great love to shine through the veil of judgements, and you will enjoy a life of freedom, whilst too affirming love in others.

See each ‘less than loving’ mirror in the world as a false mirror…. this is not what you are…and as long as you do not identify with it you will know this is true and experience it, but when you enter into a relationship with a false mirror you give it life…you are sowing the seeds of it deep within you, where it will grow and manifest as hurt in your life. Not only will you grow the seeds within you, but you will also allow them to grow in the world to hurt others. So you see it is through loving others that we love ourselves, and in loving ourselves that we love others.

Love love love, like you have never loved before…loving your enemies means showing a loving face to these false mirrors. A loving face does not condemn, does not attach itself to any bond. One of Louise Hay’s famous quotes is ‘Love eases and relaxes all unlike itself’.

Consider the sun, never asking for anything in return for its love each and every day without fail. No matter what the sun observes in the world, it loves loves loves us so greatly it rises every morning and sets every night, and in the night its light and love still reaches us through its divine feminine counterpart, Moon. Moon loves us unconditionally, no blame, no charge, the moon simply reveals to us that the love of our Beloved Source, is always with us, sometimes in one form, sometimes in another. And this is the way I have learned to give love and to receive love, through all the various forms in the world. This is who I am…I am Love. This is who you are.. I will try to help you overcome any self condemnation by not judging you, but by being as loving as I can towards you. Please help me to be loving by being loving too, by not judging me. Let us be the example, let us show our children who they truly are, and help them to reveal Love in this world, for a better now, and a better future.

In the image you see what I call The Two Roads Symbol… The cross within the circle reveals to us the two roads of Black Elk’s great vision, and it reveals to us the shape of the cross in the story of Jesus. The two roads, being a good spiritual road and a difficult earthly road, meet in the centre where it is holy. Black Elk taught me the spiritual road is the Eminence of Source, and the earthly road is the Resonance of Source. This is the same as Sun and Moon, emanating and resonating the light and love of our Source infinitely and unconditionally, within the great circle that is the hoop of the world, the Self.

This is my heart feeling, I love you…. Eliza




….  I feel happier than I have ever been, in a way that is calm, peaceful, balanced.  It feels like I am being who I know I am in complete integrity, and each day I learn something new about myself, so the joy of growth keeps flowing.  I am truly grateful to The Great and Holy Spirit for this work I do, and to our Mother Earth for her abundant blessings.  The ministry is growing and blossoming with each venue, and I am continually amazed at the love and wisdom that pours from above, from The Two Roads Team in Spirit.  See the ministry page on this site.

When at first the ministry, likely because of the presence of Padre Pio, appeared very Christian like in its way, now the natives are flowing forwards too, standing with Padre in the world of white….and let me say – great is there respect for each other!


Good news!  The Akaija Team will be with us in Northern Ireland this August.  We are currently planning a Two Roads/Akaija day for you….  I can promise you this is not to be missed.  

MARCH 16TH….  Feeling the need to be extra super organized.  Funny what has just come into the forefront of my mind: I was always great at organizing charity events.  My life is strung with them, sponsored walks, charity concerts, table quiz events and other such events to gather donations for worthy causes.  I would come up with an idea and not let go of it until it was done lol…. perhaps I was in training for this time in which I find myself organizing several events at once.  Thank goodness there are any God’s amount of good souls in my life who are prepared to assist so brilliantly.  Padre Pio is not shy with asking them and they are sometimes way ahead of me in the process lol.

Something else I wish to tell you at this point:  when I passed from life briefly in 2002 I was met by a light being whom I know to be Saint Paul.  I never saw him again, but I did know his soul was working with me, especially in my travels to spiritual temples with Black Elk, for learning purposes.  Recently I am connecting with Paul again, and he tells me he was working with me all along, ever since I was a baby.  He says when I entered my world of spirit as a child I could only reach a level of light where Black Elk was my source of awareness.  Now I am able to reach the level of light where Paul can work with me from the 10th dimension of non existence – of unity consciousness, being The One Great and Holy Spirit.  And the level of healing he wishes to bring to Earth from this plane is ONLY SAY THE WORD AND IT SHALL BE DONE.    Faith truly moves mountains Dear Hearts….  and miracles happen.



so I have already begun to teach Compassionate Release, and it is going so well I can see this taking over my time completely if I let it….that along with The Two Roads Healing Ministry with Padre Pio seems to be the best step forwards right now…. walking with my dear Black Elk and the rest of my wonderful team in Spirit, I am busy like mad and having to streamline my activities…  A few workshops have gone to the wall, had their time and were delightfully spent… thank you, I am grateful for those experiences and for all the wonderful company involved.

Personal shamanic training and Compassionate Release Training seem to be taking focus where workshops are concerned, whilst personal readings, healing and guidance sessions continue week after week…. I can only fit a certain number into my week but thankfully I can still get you an appointment without you having to wait too long for it.  The Skype sessions are working well….

Here’s the thing:

I am a simple being…. My desire is to be content in the moment, and for the most part I am…this results in me keeping my life as simple as possible, and so streamlining every so often is necessary to keep me focused and real.

I love my family, I love my friends, I love my life, and I love my work…. what could possibly be more?


19th November 2014.

These are indeed exciting times for me, what with so much movement within my field.  I am shifting like I am a nomad – moving from one placement to another and leaving nothing behind, but so much opening up in sight.

Compassionate Release:  Makes me smile just saying it 🙂  For a long time now the healing sessions I do have been following a certain manner… I have been calling it Healing The Family Soul, and I guess I will continue to use that phrase as it is the result of Compassionate Release.  Compassionate Release 🙂  I could say it forever 🙂  It fills my heart with peace and joy of knowing, of placement so ME I feel I will ride this wave for eternity.  My heart sings, my soul is resonant with the harmonics of truth, peace and joy.

The wonderful healing spirits I have the honour to work with have shown and taught to me this incredible healing modality, over years, helping me to understand and fine tone my harmony with it, and now I am ready to share what I have been shown and taught with others.  So!  I intend to begin sharing and teaching this modality as soon as possible.  I will set a date for the first gathering – Feb 1st 2015 comes flowingly into my mind…it is a Sunday.  Last Feb 1st I opened The Two Roads Centre, wonderful to think that one year on exactly I would be launching this class.

Compassionate Release Logo

Compassionate Release Logo

So what does Compassionate Release do?  I will be writing at length about it in my next book.  It is a way of healing that is as old as time itself.  Everything I do comes from the ancient ones who mastered these skills before us.  Compassion is a healer, plain and simple.  Where sympathy says “hey look at you, poor thing, how terrible!”  compassion says ” hey, this is not who you are, let’s get you up on your feet”

Compassionate Release comes directly from The Almighty One Beloved Source of the Universe, lifts the soul up on its feet, and marvels in the beauty of Light that is revealed from the drama of lifetimes of separation.  it leaves the soul ‘clean’ and ‘ in a state of Grace’.  Compassionate Release is the Revolution and Revelation of the Soul.  did I mention how excited and happy I am about this???

And I am beginning other classes too…. yayyyyyyy…. there’s more.   I have already begun shamanic practitioner training, so if you wish to avail of this course please do go to the page Shamanic Practitioner Training, under the menu page –  AGENDA- EVENTS

I am offering past lives / other lives readings to the greater world now…. before I was doing them when asked personally.  They can be done over Skype or via an email, whichever is easiest for you, or in person if you are within travelling distance.  Email gives you a document on which the reading is recorded so you have it forever.

I am also getting out and about more – speaking at local Irish venues and fairs… I do intend to travel overseas for venues …that will come in due course.  People love the opportunity to ask Black Elk a question.

So dear hearts, thank you for your time reading this….blessings to you and your families…and I hope you enjoy the holidays.  Big love everyone.



I hardly know how to begin telling you about my trip to Arkaim, the site of an astrologically aligned ancient city, in Southern Siberia.  I had gone with the intention of supporting my friends Wim and Marianne with their Akaija Project 

I didn’t expect any of it to be any which way, but my initial approach was still one of absolute surprise.  Perhaps I did unconsciously expect a certain standard of living conditions, a symptom of my western lifestyle I guess, being cushioned from the great outdoors all my life, and not a situation that sits well in my mind for I fancy myself as free, a wild woman; laughable really, but I am willing to change.  Indeed I spent almost a week trying to embrace a whole new regime of sleeping, eating, and pooping lol

Not wanting to go into details, but for several reasons, and having travelled 24 hours ahead of my colleagues, my only guide from the airport in Moscow speaking little english, I found myself alone, penniless, and with just the clothes on my back.  I considered what I had done a lesson in courage, in self trust, in trust in the flow of the universe, and so it was that I found myself a high place in which to sit and converse with the Spirits of Arkaim.  I immediately found myself surrounded by the spirits of shamans of old, with their headdresses and veils on their faces; these were all seeming to support my presence there.  I imagined they were all connected to Arkaim through their magic, and all had some kind of a claim to that place in each their own way.  I did not realize I too had a deep connection to the place, a spiritual connection that was reflected later in the ancestral story of a dear lady, and also by the reunion with two very different siberian shamans.

Tyurgan Kam - Shaman from Chelyabinsk

Tyurgan Kam – Shaman from Chelyabinsk

Akay, shaman from Altai

Akay, shaman from Altai

It never ceases to delight me when it is proved over and over again that letting go of what I think is the situation and opening my heart and mind to abundance of potential, and with purity of intention putting out to the universe what I ask for, results in immediate satisfaction.  I came down from the high place, walked to the encampment where I was allocated a sleeping place, and met with an earth angel, a lady born in Ukraine but living in Miami, and who spoke english, who having learned my predicament, and without a moment’s hesitation, presented me with enough money to cover my needs.  Actually, that lady, Tatyana, gave me so much more; she gave me the gift of heart to heart joy, friendship, nurturing, and connection to my safe rooted earthly being in that moment.  Thank you and Bless you, Tatyana.

The Russian people as a whole are terrific; so open hearted and generous in spirit, having lost nothing of this having come through the hardships they did as a nation.  There were a few characters I especially warmed to, so much to love.  And the spirits were all around too.  They came to me in daytime, standing over me as if to guard me, occasionally smiling into my face, just showing their approval of my presence there, welcoming me I guess too; at night flashing into my dreams, coaxing me to join them in their shamanic doings.  The spirits of the trees too spoke to me, receiving me openly as an equal and offering healing for the forest back home, healing for my body, for the sacred ground of my soul.  These wonderful birch trees with their white bark delighted my childhood connection with all trees and encouraged my playfulness to once again bring me to new heights of experience.  Thank you to the white clothed ones.

The White Clothed Ones

The White Clothed Ones

the magic is all around

the magic is all around

My own beloved spirit group reeled in the ecstasy of union with these Siberian Brethren.  Black Elk was quiet as he observed the energy of past and present merge into the oneness of the moment within my awareness.  He said nothing when I danced with the shadows of the past, enjoying once more the thrill of experiences beyond my western normality.  It was not until conversation enticed me into the deep passion I have for him that he spoke loud and clear for everyone there to hear.  And whether they knew it was he who spoke or not does not matter – I knew and I heard, and I was grateful.

I had been talking of his great vision and how he held it in his heart, how his life was so hard but he held the vision of hope for his nation.  I talked about how he saved the vision in the book Black Elk Speaks… and how I hold the vision so dear to my heart, and lived it every day through the suffering I endured in this life and the transformation I lived .. I talked about my books and how they tell the story of us all – all of us have a story of pain to tell – our part of the suffering of the Christ in a world that is rising into the peace of Love, the joy of Light.  We do not dismiss those stories, but they are part of us, the beauty in the darkness of the Eternal Oneness…as much a part of us as the womb of our mothers.  My passion was intense, for this man who died over 60 years ago, and for his story, for my story, for everyone’s story….and then I spoke quietly as I told of how he had stood on the top of a mountain, an old man, sorry that his vision had not come to be, and praying to the thunder beings for a sign that the vision still had power.  I told about the rain that fell then from a sudden cloud in a clear blue sky, and how Black Elk had cried.  It had not rained in Arkaim for weeks and the ground was parched and cracked, but twenty minutes after my passionate outburst there came the loudest thunder storm I have ever known, and the parched earth opened up to receive the sacred waters of the good red road.  Thank you Beloved Black Elk.

That had been the final day of the trip, everyone ready to make their journey home.  The thunder and lightning had added to the waves of joy we had been riding for days; it seemed appropriate too to leave the area with the blessing of fresh sustenance.  It was perfect!  The Akaija had been erected, and enjoyed by hundreds.  It’s sacredness belonged to the whole energy of the group, of the place, of all that was transpiring there.  The Akaija has to be experienced to tell of it.  Below are some photos that I feel capture the energy I felt..please enjoy.

With all my love


Carrying the Akaija down the mountain

Carrying the Akaija down the mountain

In the Akaija

In the Akaija

Akaika means 'We are One'

Akaika means ‘We are One’

Wednesday 11th June 2014

Open week was only three weeks ago but it seems like months to me, in a way that says so much has happened since then I am not the same person, nor is a whole lot of people that were there.    Don’t you think the energies this past while have been intense?  So much old stuff being released that the lessons are coming thick and fast…at times it’s like being on a fairground ride.  One minute you are laughing with sheer heightened joy, the next minute your solar plexus is churning and you want off ha ha…. then when the ride slows for a bit you feel the sense of deep calm and peace that truly is all there is.

My busyness is not over yet – I leave for Amsterdam on Tuesday 17th…less than a week away…and from there I travel overnight to Russia.   Then off to the east of the Urals…. to me the home of the shaman….to a place called Arkaim… click on Arkaim and you will read about this fascinating ancient place.  In Arkaim we, being Wim and Marianne and I, along with some friends from a large media group in Poland and Russia, will participate in the Solstice Celebrations.  Wim and Marianne play a part in the celebrations with a human sized Akaija they will have with them.  The mind boggles when I try to imagine how that will be…for the Akaija is a powerful healing symbol.

My own Two Roads Symbol, well not mine but you know what I mean, is doing some great work too.   It appears to be a tool of Faith, increasing the conscious awareness of THE HIGHER SELF.  This symbol is as old as life itself, and yet it is a herald for the now times, and of course it is aligned with Rose’s story of ascension from The Two Roads Trilogy, what with The Red Stone of Power in the centre.

Do I take The large Two Roads Symbol with me to Arkaim?  I thought about it and decided it is not necessary…  it can travel ok having its own flight case, but for now I wish to focus on The Story.   The media crowd – Poland division, did an article in their online magazine Niezany Swiat.  They are happy to do an article in their hard copy edition by December; I am happy to bring my gold Two Roads Symbol that hangs around me neck…tell those guys The Two Roads Story and let them do an article about my life with Black Elk… I feel that is the way forwards for The Two Roads Symbol.

If The Two Roads is going to be made into a move like Black Elk says it will, and it is looking very much like it, then my focus has got to be grass roots…. for me that is my childhood experiences with Black Elk and all he has taught me throughout my life…

So off to sunny Russia…yes I believe the sun is shining…another great adventure – this time on Earth.

Love you,

hope the summer shines big time for you…


Tuesday 27th May 2014

Well, the open week is over; I am resting body and mind.  I would have thought at this stage I would be a mixed bag of emotions, but no, I feel very quiet, gently observing the aftermath around me.  I am physically tired, so much so my spirit family are holding my body in a switched off state almost, if you can imagine what I mean; it is grounded but floating at the same time, still and supported.

I find my mind does not wish to capture the entire week in one thought…snippets are surfacing from time to time.  Mostly my mind is in a different mode from the week; this began on Sunday.  Saturday evening I was done, and literally swaying from side to side because of the spiritual power that had been moving through me.  The next day I could not possibly have given any more, and so it was to be that I was nurtured and rocked in the energy of Donegal.  Donegal had been my childhood holiday home; the most nurturing energy I could choose for myself, but I did not consciously choose it, Spirit did.  Ben Black Elk had been taking good care of me and Steve all week, and the care continued into the aftermath.  Being in the energy of Donegal soothed my spirit and my thoughts; the open week seeming so far behind me.

It was a great and very successful week.  Each day was completely different energy.  Spirit ensured each day flowed beautifully, and for the most part it was comfortable and easy.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Lots of healing, lots of awakening, and lots of good wholesome community spirit.  The Divine/Christ Energy was so present, how could any one not have been touched!

For me personally Saturday was the best day, although there really could not have been a best day as each day added to the whole experience.  But on Saturday we had the most wonderful experience in the Sacred Grounds.  We created a circle of prayer and intention, and using sacred sounds and powerful energies of gratitude and reverence we communed with the ancestors in one great circle of Love and Light.

The sweat lodge on Tuesday was incredible. Almost everyone there had never experienced it before, but our leader Steve Kubik made it all flow wonderfully with understanding and acceptance.  I for one felt it to be a greatly humbling and powerful experience.  Thank you Steve, my brother.

On Thursday we had the presentation of Akaija, and now lots of people are wearing the Akaija and continuing with their powerful healing journey.  Thank you so much to Wim and Marianne for their hard work in putting the presentation together for us…. it was an incredible story they told…we are still reeling from it I think.

Then on Friday, Stephen Oliver and I joined forces to present The Two Roads Story of Heart Activation, Crucifixion and Ascension into the Truth of our Eternal One.  Thank you to Stephen for his fascinating presentation.  Thank you everyone who attended, and special thanks to Beloved Black Elk for his words and visualization techniques that greatly helped us to understand the wisdom he was revealing from his great vision.  And now The Two Roads Symbol is hanging from more necks, helping with more individual journeys of FAITH in KNOWING… Black Elk is smiling upon us.

Thank you to all who participated in Wednesday’s sound sessions.  What can I say about that?  WOW!  lol    We sure did take our energy into the higher planes of Joy…. I believe it was felt by all LOL.  What fun it was!!!

Thank you also to to all who helped with the tea making and such…. it was great for me not to have to think about that, a wonderful help to me and also a wonderful gift to all who attended.

Thank you to Niall for his contributions and to the little bird who got him here 🙂

And last but by no means least…thank you to all in Spirit who guided us and helped us, and revealed to us much beauty, knowing and hope.  I have heart gratitude for the healing I was blessed to be a part of, and the hope that is spread over the island of Ireland, across to Scotland, and all the way across the Atlantic to The States.  What a blessed week!

Here are some photos from the week…. unfortunately my memory card became damaged after… Wim is working on rescuing it…and for now I am hoping to gather photos from other cameras used..  enjoy ….

White Buffalo Gathering
White Buffalo Gathering
Eliza and Steve
Eliza and Steve
The Pipe Ceremony
The Pipe Ceremony
Eliza and Steve
Eliza and Steve
Eliza and Steve with Clare
Eliza and Steve with Clare
Eliza and Steve
Eliza and Steve
Eliza and Marianne
Eliza and Marianne


Eliza and Stephen
Eliza and Stephen