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I, Eliza White Buffalo, have been intentionally working with Spirit to transform my soul and my life, as well as to help others, since 2002 following a near death experience as a result of a car accident on February 8th of that year.

That was not my first experience of the Spirit World though; for the first 13 years of my life, I connected with the spiritual realms and spiritual guides every day, in fact, I it was and still is a normal part of life for me. My journey since 2002 has revealed I have all the psychic senses, and I have downloaded from Spirit, 2 main healing modalities, and countless light activations and clearing practices. Read more of my bio below.


If you feel you need direction on your spiritual path, or with psychic development, or with healing your life, a one to one video call session with me can be very helpful.  I use all the gifts I have to connect with my spirit team in order to provide guidance and information regarding your soul. Often this can involve connection with past loved ones, with past lives, or with your spirit guides.  In these sessions, Spirit always focuses on healing rather than providing proof of life after death, and a positive forwards moving plan is provided to help you be pro-active on your spiritual path.


Born in Northern Ireland in 1965, Eliza White Buffalo is a modern-day shaman and twin flame of Lakota Holy Man, Nicholas Black Elk 1863-1950. Black Elk and Eliza are an example of how twin flames work together, across the expanse of the soul, from earth to the high spiritual planes, across time and space, in order to complete human and soul intentions for the world. In 1873, aged 9 years, Black Elk had a near death experience, a great vision of ascension and universal unity. The vision was recorded in 1932, in the classic book, Black Elk Speaks by John G Neihardt. Black Elk spent his elder years teaching what Eliza now calls, The Two Roads, a blend of enlightened Christian and Lakota ways. When Black Elk died in 1950, there were signs in the sky, signs of his work going on in the afterlife, signs which he himself predicted shortly before dying; and one of those was an O and an 8 side by side. In 2008 Eliza began to channel a series of books, The Two Roads Books, from the spirit of Black Elk, through the sixth sense of clairaudience. Eliza says that Black Elk intended to speak again in 2008. The first book was published soon after, and is based on the follow up storyline of Black Elk and Eliza’s twin flame soul, as was Eliza’s experience. The work continued with a foundation of charitable basis to help those awakening at this time, and to bring all nations of their soul together in one unified ascension, as was Black Elk’s vision.

Eliza says – “Black Elk prophesied unification of the world’s nations, through illumination of God Self. His spirit is guiding many souls around the world at this time. His vision can be likened to the teaching that the Master Jesus showed by climbing four ascents to crucifixion of the ego, and ascension of the soul. Black Elk’s spirit has been with me since I was an infant, and began to teach me The Two Roads when I was only 5 years old. He connects me with those he wants to speak to, and together we are living his great vision, creating a new world consciousness; and very soon everyone will know the peace of his prophecy in their hearts.”

Eliza’s own life was not an easy one, with a great deal of suffering, but when you speak to her today, it is clear that Black Elk’s spirit of Love and Unification sparkles in her eyes and emanates from her heart.

“I had to learn” she says, “the road of suffering is one of the two roads, and it taught me a great deal about what the self truly is. The other road is the good red road of spiritual positive thought, hope and love, the path of The Great and Holy Spirit Within; but the choice was there for me all along, which road I took. When I was 9 years old, Black Elk told me I would suffer greatly, but that I would go into the wilderness and look for white buffalos to lighten my way. The white buffalo is a Sioux symbol of hope, you could say an avatar energy, and this energy is what I am named after, so hope was always close by even when it felt hopeless to me.”

The Two Roads Trilogy, and Letters from Rose, by Eliza White Buffalo with Nicholas Black Elk, are all available on Amazon, or directly from the author.