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The Akaija is a jewel born from Love.
A cosmic design and healing tool
originated from co-creation with Spirit

The working of the Akaija is 3-fold:

1. It makes your energy field (aura) stronger, more connected to All, to Spirit. So your aura colors will brighten.
2. Because of a stronger energy field you are more protected against EMR and such (also tested under 5G)
3. It re-activates (re-members you with) the blueprint that you started this incarnation with.

A special working of the Akaija is that it can be used to neutralize an electron-spin-inversion (a not-aligned energy field, on the atom/electron level), that especially people with chronic fatigue syndrom often suffer from, and which is a result of an already weakened energy system (caused by stress, lack of sleep, traumata, low-quality food) in combination with and EMR field (high-voltage power lines, DECT, too much electronic equipment/usage) that overpowers your own energyfield. This condition can only be corrected manually.

Electron Spin Inversion – correction

1. Hold an Akaija (preferably a clean one) in your left hand and a glass of water in your right hand.

2. Wait 3 minutes. This brings the energy/information of the Akaija into the water.

3. Drink the water.

4. Wearing the Akaija. This prevents new spin-inversions from occuring.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 3.0 cm