The Two Roads, part 1 of The Two Roads Trilogy

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Born with amazing paranormal abilities. Rose survives her terrible life with the help of her spirit guide, Black Elk. Using his world renowned vision of spiritual truth, Black Elk teaches Rose who she really is and the divine purpose of her life, transforming it into one of unbelievable joy . . . Lissy was born in a hen shed. torn from her 13 yr old mother, Rose, and secretly adopted. Having traced her birth mother’s identity, she uncovers a heart wrenching secret which propels her forwards on her own journey of self-discovery . . . Featuring past life regression, astral travel, and spirit communication, The Two Roads is an incredible dark to light story of survival that can teach us all how to transform our lives through our shamanic nature. Everyone is good, says Black Elk . . . evil only exists in our darkest imagination.

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1 review for The Two Roads, part 1 of The Two Roads Trilogy

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