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Dear Healing/Energy Worker

Photon Light Therapy ( click here to read about this work)  is an holistically effective therapy working to release the subconscious trauma in the body. It focuses on the central nervous system, the endocrine system and the lymphatic system. It can release many symptoms of subconscious trauma – the most success so far has been with depression and anxiety, but it has been successful in many complaints, even with addictions.

The work is carried out on two levels: – by the team of spirit practitioners ie. neuro surgeons, physicists, shamans. Second level – by you acting as a vessel for the work to be made manifest and transferred to the client.

This work comes to you to assist with the final release of the sedimentary energies of the trauma-based mind….Spirit

Until recently the work was unique to Eliza White Buffalo, having learned it from the spirit team of spiritual neuro-science indivudals that dispense the therapy.


4 hour course – 


During the course your energy field will be attuned to the spirit team practising Photon Light Therapy, so that they can naturally pass the work through your etheric body and transfer it to others using you as a ground. This means for each client receiving the therapy you will receive it also. For this reason, your nervous system needs to be in good health.

There are guidelines for practising: at least 3 years of energy work experience, and attunement of at least level 3. This work is taught at the higher level only, although Eliza was taught throughout many levels of it over 16 years. Of course there are those who are also natural healers but have never received accreditation, and who have been successfully practising energy work for years, and that I understand, so if you are called let me know.

The course comes with accreditation and manual.


Photon Light Therapy is distant work, over 10 days. You will be transferring the work distantly and then sending emails with updates and instructions for your clients.

For one to one training, I will contact you to arrange a date and time that suits us both


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