4 Photon Light Therapy for Dogs


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Next round begins Monday 8th July 2024 

Photon Light Therapy for Dogs is designed to help those dogs that are sensitive to foodstuffs, to certain kinds of people, or are having trouble going outside and in particular meeting other dogs. They may be overactive and bark a lot, or they may be withdrawn and have no visible mojo.  Like humans, this is often because of a simple dys-regulation of the nervous system, and this therapy works to regulate.

This is a blend of classic Photon Light Therapy and a development programme which was designed for babies, children and teenagers. Since the endocrine system and nervous system in dogs is the same as that of a human Photon Light Therapy was easily adapted to work with dogs.

READ ALL ABOUT CLASSIC PHOTON LIGHT THERAPY (a huge part of this therapy) 


A 10-day programme containing physical exercises for you to do with your dog, as well as spiritual dispensations of re-aligning light frequencies and energy developing serums.

You will receive emails throughout the 10 days – emails that will give you instructions and information on what is being done.

Your first email will be received upon ordering, then on days 1, 2, 4 ,5, 8 and 10.