Preparing to Conceive a Child




In these times of a shift in global consciousness, it is more and more widely believed that a soul chooses its parents, and that it comes through the incarnation process when the conditions in the womb, in its parents’ souls, and in the outer family energy, are suitable to its soul-purpose for incarnating.  Whether you are already expecting a baby, or you are actively trying to conceive, it is a good thing to prepare the way, by consciously clearing old negativity around conception, child bearing, child birth, and parenting.  Every would-be parent thinks about how they will be either a better parent than their own parents were, or just as good.  The information and guidelines in this shamanic process can assist you in preparing the way for your child, as best you can, not only physically, but also spiritually, and mentally, so that energetic conditions of the entire process, are positively aligned with the love and light you and your child deserve.

Eliza White Buffalo is an elder ancestral shaman with 20 years of experience in energy work.  She works with a spirit team of guides who ensure her efforts move in the right direction, finding the information required from the spiritual realms, and carrying out any transformation desired, and grounding all of this through her soul into the physicality.

The process includes:

Uniting with the womb of the grandmother –  this inception state reveals just how many souls are potential incarnations/children

Opening the way for the seeds of the grandmother – increasing the energy of conception within the mother’s soul

Meeting with the soul/s willing to incarnate –  discovering the life purpose of the incarnation/child

The blessing of the womb – clearing and fortifying the womb in preparation for child-bearing

The parent/s promise to the incarnating soul – promises made by the parent/s to their child

*You will receive a full report on all four parts of the process, plus there will be a meditation to follow, which includes a transmission of the womb blessing.

*The process is done distantly