Re-birthing with Eliza White Buffalo is a combination of breath-work, visualization and sound.  The process takes 2 hours and is done both in The Two Roads Cabin and in The Sound/Peace Chamber, of The Two Roads Centre.  The breath-work is optional, and can be adapted for anyone with heart or breathing issues.  The visualization is a meditation that will empower, enlighten and ground you so that when you emerge from the sound/peace chamber you will be in a world changed from before.  The sound/peace chamber will be in darkness except for one lit flame representing your connection to the blue-print of this time-frame and body that is you.  All the while, Eliza will be guiding you through the process of returning deep into the womb of Mother Earth, re-connecting with your soul’s blueprint, and coming once again into full form.  With the beautiful resonant sound of the crystal OM and the overtones of Eliza’s frequency, this promises to be a healing like no other.  Om…. and so it is!