The White Tepee

The White Tepee is a sacred gathering in the Grace of The Great Spirit, or Creator, God.  Hosted by Eliza White Buffalo, these special ‘talks’ are of benefit to all, bringing not only healing from suffering,  but also understanding of The Two Roads of life which we can call The Spiritual Path and The Path of Difficulties.  These gatherings are supported by The Two Roads Light Foundation.

Next White Tepee Gathering will be in September.  (I will get a date up soon)  at The Hub, Market St. Omagh, Co.Tyrone, N Ireland.  BT79 0AA

Who are the gatherings for?

Everyone is welcome to attend these gatherings.  With a small contribution of £10, regardless of your creed or race or even your age, you are welcome to attend, to listen, to share, and to receive the gifts of The Great Spirit.

What happens in the gatherings?

You will receive spiritual healing:  Eliza White Buffalo, with the presence of her spirit team, and the specific compassion of Spirits Black Elk, Padre Pio, Yeshua, and Mother Mary, will be performing Compassionate Release, a beautiful healing modality taught to Eliza by Spirits Sitting Bull of The Lakota, Madame Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society, Grace Cooke of The White Eagle Lodge, and Padre Pio of God.

Eliza will also share with you a brief account of Black Elk’s vision and why this vision’s message is of supreme importance today, if you wish to heal and lift your soul into the light of a new dawn for Humanity, a life of peace and joy in oneness with all creation.

You will have the opportunity to ask Eliza questions about this amazing time of ascension on Earth, and how you can best help yourself through this.  Questions can be anonymous by writing them on a piece of paper and handing to Eliza.

The White Tepee Forum:

There is a site specially assigned to The White Tepee, where you can discover all that you need to know concerning it.  Click here to enter the site: The White Tepee ( Site still under construction)

Membership of The Two Roads Light Foundation:

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On the site The White Tepee you will discover you can become a member of The Two Roads Light Foundation.  Members enjoy certain privileges including the forum where you can ask Eliza a question, and discuss with her and other members on various topics.  You can also affiliate your own holistic work with The Two Roads Light Foundation, and advertise your work on the site, and even on Eliza’s personal social sites and white list.  Plus you will be given discount on all of the Foundation’s merchandise.

Go to The White Tepee ‘become a member’ page, and decide what level of membership suits you best. All membership fees go to the fund for The Two Roads Light Foundation mission. ( site still under construction)


The history of The White Tepee:

In 1931 John G Neihardt and his daughters Enid and Hilda, spent time with Black Elk and his family in their home on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota.  During this time John enjoyed many meetings with Black Elk and his son Ben.  That was when Black Elk first told the whole of his great vision to Ben, John, Enid, and two old friends of his, Standing Bear and Fire Thunder.  Before that he had only ever told pieces of the vision.  But Black Elk was sure of the man John, whom he came to call his nephew, for The Great Spirit was in Black Elk’s heart telling him of how he and John were connected and how they would save the great vision for all time, for all hoops of humankind. Black Elk erected a special tepee in honour of the telling  of the vision, and this is also where John and his family slept.  In the old days of his tribe, when an important message or vision was to be told, a council was set up in a sacred tepee so that the telling would be true and good, and be blessed by The Great Spirit; and so this is what Black Elk did.  On the tepee he painted scenes from his vision, and inside he burned sacred herbs that were pleasing to Wakinyan, the thunder beings, from whom his great vision came.

Black Elk sitting in front of the white tepee he had erected for John Niehardt and his family.