Dogs are associated with all the wonderful vibrations of loyalty, friendship, communication, and these are good vibrations. Well…a dog will never let you down – he will remain loyal to the end, and you might say you always know what your dog is trying to tell you, and you might say your dog always knows what it is you need.  This is beautiful.  However, sometimes your dog may have a sickness inside, and you do not see the wounds.  Then this dog may act very differently, and his loyalty and communication shows in a way that is less than beautiful.   Let us say too, that if this dog, with its power of communication, is the wounded self, then as such, it is a route to its name spelled backwards…GOD.  My Indian people have often spoken of “dogs barking” – and we say dogs barking because of paranormal activity around…spirits around. In other ancient ways Dog is seen as a guardian of the other worlds or such. Perhaps this is why Dog is a portal/communication to Spirit, and is really a GOD …. does this ring a bell of truth?  After all what is the beloved wounded self but a fallen God!

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