Tworoads whitebackgroundWE talk about Service

“Dear Hearts, to Love and Serve the Divine Creator is to place yourself before the Divine Creator with all that is of the Divine Creator, to resonate with the Eminence of God, to give unconditionally what you are given unconditionally, to Love with the Love that you are. Love thyself and Love others as thyself. Serve the Highest One within others with all your heart, and you will know resurrection into the Light Supreme.”

A note from Eliza:
Black Elk taught me that through connecting to my higher self, I become the ethereal bridge I walked; and this way the bridge between my heart and others’ hearts is strong, and I shall know others in the highest light as I know myself in the highest light within. He taught me to serve others through prayer and love, unconditionally and always with respect as he did. In this way I serve the Creator first and myself last. And then he would always say – what is first is last and what is last is first.

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