Tornado Energy

Tornado Energy

TORNADO… Dear friends, today Black Elk mentions the power of a tornado and what this means to us spiritually.

“A tornado is of great significance to you spiritually and personally; reflecting a need inside to destroy what is no longer serving you, indeed what is beginning to be a destructive force for you. Old energy patterns that have served you for years and no longer harmonize with the new you are not able to serve you in any way that is helpful in the moment. So those old patterns of energy, once felt and allowed to control you will only serve to take you right out of the moment, leaving you feeling ungrounded and powerless. Hence, a tornado will blow you in a destructive cycle, right out of your grounded self. A tornado will destroy everything in its course, including your old energy. This is a natural process, how violent or how comfortable this is is your choice. This is not a terrible thing unless you attach your thoughts to your old energy so fast you lose the point of the upheaval altogether. Should you ever spin out so violently again know that this is a way of cleansing globally through your consciousness, and adopt an attitude of trust and receptivity. The more accepting and flowing you are the less likely you are to be affected by tornado. I love you, tornado will not destroy you, but it will change you. Choose positive change.”

affirmation: I choose positive change

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