“Dear hearts, this may be the one realization you make that means the difference in living and dying, and in truly living eternally. Snake reveals to you the truth that the power of healing and transformation lies within you, all of you. You are all healers, and the only true healee is you. Snake’s medicine lies within, particularly in the base of your spine. This is where it appears to be stored. Let me ask you this: when you are acting sexually, and you orgasm, you feel a rush up your spine? In the moments following there is no unrest in your world, all is well? It is because you have healed yourself from the well of living waters, of Grace, that is within.

The living waters of Grace rise and spiral up your spine and down from your crown continually, in one perfect flow as energy, and this energy sustains your highest well being in the duality of physical world. Each breath, each cycle of your energy, transforms what was before into what is now, just like our friend the serpent. And in the same way the serpent opens to the light of the sun to shed its old mantle, so too do you open to the light of Source to shed what is no longer true. In this way you rise like the magician’s cobra, and you transform your world into a more true expression of greatness.

Snake says to you, you are a healer, do not be afraid of your power, but align with it within, be the magician and lift up your snake medicine to heal your world.”

Snake Totem energy

Snake Totem energy

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