Dear Hearts, family is important to your soul’s happiness on Earth and in Spirit. Your soul family in particular is your chosen camaraderie in life. We do not lessen your earthly family, in love or in blood, but we wish for you to look deeper into your mother, your father, your sister and brother, and feel their souls’ desires; in this way you align with the spiritual design you each had for yourselves and for your family, and ultimately for the world. This is your soul family.
Many of you feel hurt by your relations, and this is understandable, for who can love you so much as to put their soul on the line for you, other than your blood family? We know that at times the hurt is so deep that even forgiveness is not enough for you to spend the rest of your lives in your family’s presence, and so many of you go out into the world and discover soul family essence in the presence of others, those who can love you without that deep hurt abrading their wounds. In this beautiful and supportive manner, the way is soothed and the wounds tended with gentleness, for the day you truly know forgiveness and understanding of your mother, your father, your sister and brother.
Forgiveness will set your soul free from its wounds and binds, therefore seek to forgive – fore give it all over to the light within you and above you; yet do not be a martyr that stays in the presence of abuse; self love is the first love, self forgiveness is the first forgiveness.
Dear Hearts, family runs throughout the hearts of all who seek healing and presence in life, and in the souls of all who stand together in the other worlds. ….  Black Elk

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