Bear Medicine is highly important if you desire to feel safe in your life, and if you desire to move through your life with an ability to say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean yes, but never confusing the two.  People respect bear medicine, and will not overstep your boundaries if you protect them with a natural instinct and spiritual awareness.

Bear is a powerful medicine, I feel one of the great teachers of the stars, The Great Bear is Ursa Major.  The Great Bear reflects an inward journey to the spiritual warrior you can be…Eliza likes to say “it brings out the Mama Bear in me” ha ha…. when she feels protective over her children or her intimate self.  I find Eliza very endearing when she behaves in this way, and also I rejoice, because in being the instinctive maternal energy in her life, she also is learning about boundaries and how soft they can actually become in spiritual well being.  YOU MUST KNOW YOU ARE SAFE…. this is true for all of you…you are safe in the hands of your spiritual well being within….here within you will discover the maternal energy that no harm can penetrate, for She knows no evil.

Bear is a powerful healing medicine for the body as well as the spirit.  Bear know the medicinal properties of the body so well, the roots and herbs of the earth, the benefits of good clean water, and the best source of foods in abundance.  Bear people often act with responsibility for their bodies, consuming only that which is life giving.

Bear also reflects the inner Father, the solar energy of the universe, from which all life begins and with which all life ends, in a continuous cycle of foraging and sleeping, seeking and retreating.  Know when it is time to seek and when it is time to let go, rest, be thankful, and trust in the Mother to provide your needs.


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