The Blood Moon

“Dear Hearts, the blood moon, so soon after the autumnal equinox, symbolizes to you all, a pouring out of mercy and help to the world. At a time of letting go, when nature reveals such surrender to the white purity of winter, comfort is given by the Great Mother Herself. Our Mother Earth, Mother Nature, fills our hearts with respite from the heights of abundance, and allows us to rest in Her care, in Her loving arms, until the moment we breathe in Her essence once more. Her blood, her divine waters of The I Am Presence of Beloved Source, courses through all worlds, consoling and wrapping us in a blanket of white liberating truth. White is the spiritual centre, whilst red is the earthly centre, and where the two meet is a love that is unconditional, so divine in its nature it knows no bounds. How much then can this love help all of life to surrender to its highest good! Merciful indeed! Be happy, Dear Hearts, Grandfather, Grandmother, God is good!” 

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