You know, Dear Hearts, when you are laughing and having fun with others your heart is open, your energy field is light and receptive to positive change.  When you are grim and moody, perhaps angry and in denial of what is, your energy field is cloudy and not very receptive, and as such positive change or movement is not likely, but pretty much more of what is troubling you is likely.

When you are sad, do not worry, it is ok to be sad, to grieve for what loss you are feeling; but know that there is a time to grieve and a time to celebrate the newness that will fill that loss within you.  This is not to say you must forget your loved ones who have gone to the spirit world, or forget something wonderful you experienced, but more to say by having a good balanced attitude of looking forwards with anticipation of newness, and celebrating the moment that is now in which all is as it should be, your loved ones and experiences become a part of you that can never die but remain forever in your heart as something joyful and inspirational.  Hummingbird teaches you to dance in this way, to see the light of hope and joy in any situation.

So when trauma happens, and grief is raw, yes do grieve…give yourself the loving space to do so…but also know that one day you will smile again.  Put a brave smile on your face and you will smile in your heart, through any pain….pain opens your heart and all of your chakras, and in these moments, if you shake them up with a positive attitude the pain is scattered and dispersed by the light of joy.  It may take some time, my dears, but light will always shine through the dark.

Many people would say hard work is the answer!  Get on with it!  Don’t lie down!  Well…yes…never allow pain to be the master…although there may be times you need to take a break, and this is ok.  You care for your well being when your body and mind say stop!  check out for a moment!  This coping mechanism of the mind is a natural safety feature that allows you the space necessary to integrate acute change; but there will soon come a time when it is necessary to enter into life again with a positive moving attitude.  Hummingbird will stop dancing for long enough to avail of the sweet nectar of the flowers, and the proteins necessary to fuel the dance of life…and this teaches you that at times rest, and yes…sleeping is every bit as important as working.

May you experience great joy and lightness in your dance, and may your rest times be peaceful and nourishing.


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