Dragon is not a being you will see flying over your garden today, but Dragon is real in your world all the same. I am talking about the ability to master the elements in a way that is magical and mysterious, mythical today, commonplace tomorrow. There are indeed souls on Earth who breathe fire and move waters, ride the air currents and create deep peace wherever they go.

You can experience the fires of spirit projecting from your being when you allow the flow of The Great and Holy Spirit to over-ride the limitations of your mind.

Come Holy Spirit Come, for you are the giver of life to the world!  You are that which destroys and gives life, you are that which moves everything into being, you are that which allows the universe to sound with complete harmony, and you are that which gives the supreme order of things in the beginning.  In the deepest of matter, in the lightest of breath, in the most passionate of flow, and in the intensity of power, I receive you, I conceive you, I believe in you, I speak your word, I see with your vision, I love with your compassionate nature.  Make me like you, because it is ‘with your power only that I face the winds’ ( Black Elk Speaks).

How do you experience this fire in your belly, in your breath?  Like Dragon, you are born of the flame, and a flame you are; letting go of all idea of the self, you allow your flames of truth to burn brightly, like the high sun of summer, of the midday, of the heights of life.  The flow of the Word of God, the Winds of Grandfather Tunkashila, the Breath of Beloved Source, penetrates the being, and is made flesh in the world.  No thing blocks the Beloved Source from manifesting Its desires on Earth, as Earth; and so no thing prevents you from experiencing these desires once you allow, once you say YES Holy Spirit, Come!  This is the Spirit’s Path….it is what is….already it is…and always will be what is….merely surrender to the experience of truth.

Be Still!  And let go of all thoughts.  Feel into your body.  Feel the physicality of the Spirit, at the bottom of your spine, with every touch of your etheric body merging with your flesh.  Feel into your heart; as the Spirit reveals Its path within your earthly vehicle, your body, your heart will open, your belly will expand, and you will burn with the fires of Supreme Source.

These fires emanate from your being into the world, moving the watery emotions, clearing the clogged airs of mind, quaking the spent dense cells of all form, and breathing new life into all with the flame of your True Nature.  The Dragon in you will destroy what is to bring the newness of Divine Order into being…know this is your true identity as the flame of God.

If you are faced with Dragon through whatever dimension at all, feel into your body, really feel it, and ask the question “what element, what aspect of myself I am being made aware of right now and why?” Desire will feel fiery, emotion will feel watery, dreams and thoughts will feel airy, and bodily healing will feel earthy. Then surrender to the Flame within, and all will come into Divine Order according to the Highest Will of Tunkashila, God.  

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