This week, I wish to speak about Lemuria and our roots there, especially in the violet-blue ray humans that were the first Africans.  And, I have to admire the way Spirit works, as you too are aware of the incredible synchronicities the universe can play out, because lately the history of slavery has been IN MY FACE lol; and what is also so telling is that right now, as I write this, I have a powerfully strong feeling of deja vu. We are no longer enslaved in separation consciousness…..

not only to the roots of humanity, but to the spiritual home within us – our white fire spiritual core.  

All human beings came forth from the seven rays of God. Africa was home to the first humans of the violet and blue ray, which come from Alpha and Omega, and the crown and the root chakras hold these frequencies. A human soul might have its roots in Lemuria, or Atlantis, or both, because some of the Lemurians, who are said to have come first, are said to have continued on to other continents such as Atlantis before Atlantis fell. It is not sure if Lemuria and Atlantis fell at the same time, but I believe that all human souls today have their soul roots in one or both of them.

When a human soul vibrates with the frequency of its root race, in balance, it is called to the temple of the blue/violet ray, for initiation into the threefold flame chamber of the heart, the inner temple of the heart. The threefold flame is the unified flames of the blue, pink and yellow rays, the flames of wisdom, love and power. These are the qualities a master must attain for the reward of eternal life and service to all. This level of consciousness is attained only through initiation and a labour of love, the creation of the twin flame united.  

It seems so hard to be a lightworker these days.  Many of us want to drop the whole idea of ‘spiritual work’ and just retreat into our ordinary selves, and YES YES YES… for that is EXACTLY what we are being asked to do – to come home to ourselves, our roots, what makes me me and you you, and just relax, BE.  We all knew that simply to BE is the way to I AM PRESENCE, and yet our human selves continued to strive, but no more, because it is time to LET GO. 

We are to let go and allow the threefold flame of wisdom, power and love, to emanate out from our white fire core.  Give the way over to the violet-blue ray of the Eternal One, and something fundamentally huge is occurring: 

The crystals of Lemuria are returning


Every human soul of Lemuria and Atlantis, has a crystallized self that has been hidden in the Earth, quite possibly in the depths of the etheric ocean, since the end of the Lemurian civilization. These crystals are called seed crystals, and this is my perspective of why: 
Crystals are natural programmers, like computers, they create countless programmes.  This correlates to our souls, in that we have an original soul, an oversoul, MONAD, that creates programmes, pieces of itself which are called individual souls or individual lifetimes.  The crystal, the computer, the soul, SEEDS lifeTIMES.   We are TIME!  And these Lemurian crystals hold the Akashic Records of TIME.  There is one for each of us, one representing each of our MONAD, with the records of all time of our soul, all seeds that were scattered and have now COME HOME. 

I AM JOYFUL to have come home, and to have manifested my crystalline soul into my life.  Here it is – 

It gave me great joy to see MERLIN in the base of the crystal


In 2019,  the monad of my soul, advised the activation of our Lemurian and Atlantean energies. I am an experienced shaman, so I began to journey for many of you, to discover Lemurian and Atlantean aspects to your soul – past lifetimes you spent there – see RETRIEVING EMPOWERED LIFETIMES – HERE

I also initiated the 4-part activation called YOUR CRYSTALLINE HEART in which you get to make vows of dedication to the law of the threefold flame of your own monad, and to journey into the retreats to initiate your own mastery training.  To view YOUR CRYSTALLINE HEART HERE

This new series of my work is titled THE SECRETS OF LEMURIA  Initiation as a White One.

  see all information here 

Your sister in Love and Light 

Eliza White Buffalo


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