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Read about Photon Light Therapy for Babies, Children and Teenagers below.  Work is done over 2 days – distantly, with 4 emails to send to parent.  Training is done via video call, and can take up to 2 hours. There is a manual provided.

Photon Light Therapy is a distant therapy, brought through the consciousness of Eliza White Buffalo, and from the spirit world, specifically a team of neuro-science individuals ie. doctors, surgeons, physicists and neurologists. The work focuses on the endocrine system and the nervous system, intentionally bringing balance to the glands.

What this therapy can do for your children is to help mature their nervous system. It takes a healthy nervous system to be able to live a more fulfilled life. Growing up through the various stages of maturity children can create blocks in their energetic flow, which in turn results in an under-mature endocrine system, which in turn leads to a weakened nervous system. Hormonal imbalances cause all sorts of emotional issues and so the child is not as highly functional as he or she could have been. The therapy works to mature the endocrine system, removing blocks in the energy field and strengthening the aura.

Left unchanged, blocks in the energetic flow strengthen through familiarity, and the result is a non self aware adult perhaps with low self esteem, lack of confidence, ill health, either an emotional individual or an emotionally shut down individual. Dealing with negative blocks whilst the nervous system is still maturing can lead to a self actualised individual who uses all his or her talents, intelligence and spirituality to live a happy and healthy life, and to be a living example of peace. Ideally this would be the world we would all live in, and realistically we can go in that direction by looking in the mirror and dealing with what changes can be made. Therefore, I understand, for babies, children and teenagers we are responsible for providing and encouraging this attitude. This is why I accept the calling from the spirit team of neuro-science individuals I work with for Photon Light Therapy, to help the children with what we can.

How it works: Eliza will take your details and the child’s details as below.  She does not need a photograph of the child, nor any communication with the child.  She will consult with the spirit team for two sessions over two days, during which certain spiritual healing will be administered to the glands according to what the spirit team deem necessary, and according to the allowance of the child’s soul.  She will keep in contact with the parent via email on day one and day two also.  There may be an exercise required – certain sounds for you to play where your child can hear them.

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