White Feathers

White Feathers

When I ask Black Elk what the symbolism for today is he replies SWAN. Then he says WHITE FEATHERS…

Then he says –  “GOOSE… Remember my vision of white geese in the north? “

Now I understand him – he wants to talk about white feathers, about how people associate them with angels or the presence of a loved one in spirit. So here goes:

“Geese never leave one of their kind behind. They travel always in a group, respecting the wholeness and not having one leader. In fact geese will follow anyone and everyone as they see no difference in status within the whole. If a goose lags behind when migrating south to warmer climate another goose will fall back and have its back so to speak…creating a slip stream to make it easier for the one who was lagging to come back into wholeness. And so it is with spirit…white feathers belonging to birds of the great white spirit, brotherhood, bird-hood, will be sent as a reminder, or a message that you are not alone – Spirit has your back.”

Thank you Black Elk

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