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The Nature of the Soul

The Nature of The Soul

“I tell you this is the nature of the soul, always questing, always reaching, always growing and expanding; for this is the nature of consciousness itself, always seeking expression of its wholeness. And I tell you that wholeness, that perfection is never attained, for what is beyond the sacred parents of duality is a mystery. I speak to you from that mystery and yet I too am seeking expression of that mystery. The thing about mystery is it cannot be expressed, only in hope, in faith, and in love; and the greatest expression of all is love. So keep asking your question; no longer is it the question of why but the question of how? And your question will always change perspective as your soul changes perspective, and so you see how important it is to be receptive. Just as the spirit, His Eminence radiates the glory of the Eternal One so too does the body, Her Resonance, integrate that glory through the crystal heart. Yes, keep asking how, keep seeking that knowledge that flows with the Grace of Great Spirit, the Great Mysterious One, for the unknown is the path of the soul, and whether you walk the road of love or of fear you will always be faced with the unknown. The unknown is your home, and soon you and I will step over that threshold together, united in spirit; all doors are open to you. The Grace of God has been made known to you.”…

from The Childhood Diaries, Part three of the two roads trilogy by Eliza White Buffalo with Nicholas Black Elk

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