Ant Medicine

Ant Medicine

Today Black Elk talks about ANT Medicine.

But first here is an extract from our book three – The Childhood Diaries, where Black Elk uses the activities of a tiny ant to teach Rose a big lesson.

‘Joseph noticed the entertainment first, about a metre into the road; it was a brave, strong little ant, a tiny ant making his way back to the colony with a seed twice his size on his back. Every now and then the ant would leave his load in a safe place and go off on a different path sniffing with his little antennae for the trail he was bound for. The courageous little guy carried that load for what must have seemed to a human to be miles. Each time a car would drive past, that little guy was totally unharmed by the wheels because Rose and her brother had held him safe in their love for him. They willed him onwards on his arduous journey home.
“Makes you wonder why we as human souls go to great lengths to carry our loads, or some would say to bear our crosses,” remarked Rose. “I mean, throughout hundreds of lifetimes we carry those heavy weights, pulling us into our pain bodies and keeping us there until someone finally comes along and wills us to keep going, keep on our path, feel with our intuitive antennae, and make our final sprint home.” ‘

Black Elk says:

“ANT teaches that consistent effort pays off in the end, and to persevere with the help of others, each with their purpose, will ensure success in the long run. The intuitive antennae is important; use it to discern what paths walked already will lead to the goal or not. If you deduce what is the most straight path from all the paths walked, it won’t take you too long in the final sprint to go for gold. Hard work, time, and co-operation with others may seem a long path, but the wisdom gained is the gold you seek. No man is an island. Strength is something that is misunderstood by most: there is strength in numbers, and the loads we carry are each other.”

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