Mercury properties

Mercury properties

Today Black Elk talks about MERCURY

“My Dear Hearts on Earth, let me talk some on the metal mercury and the planet of which it is named: we see this element is a particularly powerful one, and I would say it is right up there with salt on the table of alchemy. Mercury the planet affects life on earth through the channels of intelligence. Your solar power is supported greatly when mercury is open and forwards; indeed, having a piece of rock containing mercury the metal on your person will help you resonate to the intelligence and manifestation powers of mercury the planet.

I would say some on transubstantiation, for those of who seeking real change in your bodies in particular. The substance of reality can be changed when the solar aligns with the elemental mercury of the solar system. In other words, when you have undoubted communication and faith in your higher power, and embody that power within, great and lasting change can be and is being done right now. I ask each one of you to open your channel of communication to the divine power within, and to bring that power, the Supreme Sun, consciously into your solar plexus body. Use your breath to embody this supremacy, this mercurial energy, and use your breath to exact real change on the world. Breathe in the source and breathe out the source; this is power, this is living and creating, this is transubstantiation, and all with the resonating waves of mercury. Have mercy on the world, Dear Hearts, as the Supreme has mercy on that which is clothed in ignorance and doubt. Have mercy on yourselves, for mercy is the name by which your supreme power resonates.”

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